Justin Trudeau’s admirable Muslim policy, and sharia law

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Sharia law is a very controversial topic right now. It is seen as an extreme form of Islam. The website, National Interest, has an article, found here: http://nationalinterest.org/feature/defense-sharia-law-12545, where sharia law is analyzed in light of the assumption that there are both good and bad things about it.


The first important point that the article makes is that what works in one culture does not necessarily work for another. When I read this, I was reminded of the fact that you cannot just transplant democracy from one country to another. Democracy is something that has to be fought for. I have also read that not everyone thinks democracy is a good idea. My own thought on this is that a democracy is ideal in theory, but if you have a less than average population in terms of intelligence, then it is never going to work.


The next point that the article makes is that there are a lot of similarities between sharia law and Western common law. One of the differences is in the use of precedent, which is used in common law to a great degree (meaning that the ruling of a case depends a lot on what a similar case in the past had as a judge’s ruling).


I write quite a bit about the New World Order. The goal of this idea is to create a universal, global order where everyone is basically the same—that is, easier for the global elite to manipulate. David Cameron is quoted in the article as stating that Asians have strong family values, and should accordingly be respected. He makes the point that instead of the traditional notion that Muslims, etc., should assimilate into Western culture, perhaps it should be the other way around. I liked this, because it’s a point I have made myself.


The next point that the article makes is that there is a lot of flexibility within sharia law. Also, the final and most important point that the article makes is that violence worldwide has exponentially increased ever since the West, particularly the United States, has sought to force Western culture on the peoples of other countries, especially the Middle East. Whenever America intervenes as the world’s policeman, for example, there is blowback, enraged conservatives in Middle Eastern countries who resent the political and legal intrusion.


If Western leaders are not all about the oil, and enjoy sincere motives in trying to make other cultures more in line with the Western way of life, then they still need to be patient and hope that other cultures someday will a lot more closely approximate Western culture.


Sharia law is very controversial. Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, is pro-Muslim and it is very heartening to see that he does not share the colonial and imperial mindset which afflicts so many racists among the Western population. If we take out the violent part of sharia law, we are left with some ideas that make a significant amount of sense. For example, someone who steals…imagine the deterrent if they lost an arm. I am against violence, except in self defense, and it can easily be argued that theft is a major crime against society that must be punished. The Christian Old Testament also argues for an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, but that was replaced by the Atonement of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. But not everyone in the world is Christian. We need to respect all beliefs—particularly if we demand that ours be respected. Some sins in sharia law are punishable by death—the same as in the West, where the death penalty still does exist.


A Muslim man under sharia law can marry four women. This was obviously done in the Old Testament as well. As I have said before, in Victorian England, the attitude toward women was similar to sharia law in the area of chaperones. Women, then and now, were not allowed to go about society without a male guardian. This protected them, just as not allowing them to drive protects them. What if they have an accident? There are always two ways of looking at things.


Under sharia law, a woman cannot talk to a man alone on a private basis. This seems to me eminently wise, because it will cut down drastically on adultery. Of course, the opposite argument can also be made that this should apply to both genders. However, since under sharia law, Muslim men can have four wives, it is not as much of a concern. And again, the four wives thing can also be argued as unfair, but look at it this way: It means that if a man is particularly wonderful, more than one woman gets to build a strong family with him. This is good news for women.


I am against violence, as I have said before. There are parts of sharia law that I am extremely uncomfortable with. But my point in writing this blog article is that we shouldn’t have a knee-jerk reaction to sharia law. There are good and bad aspects to it. I wholeheartedly support Justin Trudeau in his sense of inclusiveness. It’s been reported by his detractors that he has been known to visit even radical mosques. But I think we need to be careful to define what’s meant exactly by radical. As long as he is not condoning violence, I see nothing wrong with Trudeau’s allowance of other cultures to practice their way of life as they see fit.




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  1. Craig Heels

    Unfortunately the Muslims who are demanding that Sharia Law be allowed in Canada, with PM Trudeau’s backing, aren’t asking for just some select parts of Sharia be allowed, they in fact want 100% of Sharia Law as its practised / enforced in the Islamic world at present. They want a Muslim man who kills his wife/daughters as an “Honour Killing” to be able to select to be tried & judged by a Muslim Iman instead of facing Canadian Judges in a Criminal Murder trial. They want Adult males of all ages to be able to marry girls as young as 7/8 years old for their stable of wives, etc. etc. Canada cannot allow this on our soil!

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      I know, I just try to provoke thought by having people think in a new way about situations, so we don’t all just have a knee-jerk reaction, and stereotype.

      • Peter Von Berg

        I mean, you’ve got to be kidding, right. You condone the cutting off of arms ?? This is beyond belief. I am not a Trumpite. I don’t believe all Muslims are terrorists. But the allowing of such medievalisms will destroy Western Civilization.

    • Brittany

      Craig Heels,

      I would be really interested in reading any articles, links or videos that you have that state they in fact are requesting 100% of Sharia Law in Canada. I have been trying desperately to research this but every article I have came across has been an opinion. Also, if you know of any articles where Trudeau himself says he is welcoming 100% of Sharia Law into Canada, that would be helpful as well.

      • Jayden

        No statement that man (or anyone but the profit of Islam) makes is required to understand that by moving to protect Islam from criticism IS inviting ALL sharia law into Canada because Islam (which is a political ideology that follows the Muslim profit), considers the tricking of non believers (and western society which is FORBIDDEN) to be a VIRTUE! Do you think that in Islamic countries leaders or potential leaders ask tor tell the people before they enforce Sharia ?! They consider It a VIRTUE to hide that intent! This is understood by anyone who is aware of the genuine beliefs of Muslim leaders; I say leaders because they hide this truth from their own people, the Muslims who (so far) Sharia law has hurt the most. They are ‘encouraged’ to pray in a language they don’t understand! Trudeau has shamed others in parliament for denouncing honor killings; in true, hateful Islamic fashion he DENOUNCED the DENOUNCEMENT of honor killings. Said they are “cultural practices” and that they should be held up a such by all Canadians. Is that clear enough?

        • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

          It’s important for us as Canadians, who don’t have a strong national identity of our own, especially to celebrate those who have a very strong commitment to culture and religion. What we all sin other cultures celebrate as a fundamental part of the tapestry of their lives. I don’t approve of violence myself. I wouldn’t be comfortable committing anything similar to an honour killing and I’d be overjoyed if it never happened again. But the reality is what it is. Not all cultures are the same, but all are equal. Trudeau definitely gets this because he thinks supranationally and isn’t nationalistic like Trump and his followers.

  2. Neil Milnes

    This is canada we have our laws. Abide by them and if you don’t agree with them go back to where it still exists and enjoy that he’ll hole. O now I’m a racist right. Actually not. I have no problem with other cultures living in canada abiding by our laws. Conform or leave. Not racist. Just the way it should be. Not rocket science. It’s really quite simple acually

    • Louie L.P.

      Excellent response Neil. I agree 100%

  3. michael j.

    If I go to a Muslim country, I must respect THEIR Laws, do I not? If I step out of line (according to the state laws) I must be judged and tried in their courts. I won’t have the liberty of demanding that I wish to be judged in accordance to Canadian Laws! Thus, any denomination coming to this wonderful country Canada knows he/she must respect the Laws of Canada & their respective province of residence. Why then do they come here?

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Some of the Muslims have to come to the West because the West has bombed them, droned them, and airstriked them into oblivion. 3 members of the Awlaki family have died; Anwar, Abdulrahman, and Nawar Awlaki have all perished long before their rightful time, especially the children. The ones who don’t die need to flee the countries where America and other members of the Western coalition pursue profits from funding both sides of wars. It’s mind-bogglingly hypocritical to bomb a country’s civilians and then complain that they want to flee that demolished country. Think about Yemen. What Saudi and the US are doing in that country is downright evil.

    • Dee

      I completely agree

  4. michelle

    I am afraid…I love Canada and our current system. By allowing this into our country, we are going backwards for women. Our current system may have started more similar to theirs, but we have grown. Giving in a little, then a little more, when will it end? I am afraid for my children

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Honestly, if a lot more people knew how women are protected and celebrated in Islam, there would probably be a mass conversion to Islam. I know many Muslim students as I’m a private tutor, and they really look out for their sisters.

      • Jayde

        Oh my God they took Canada over…..and by your hands…..
        We thought we escape from ISIS …no we have her and under Canadian law….
        God open Canadian eyes.

      • Jayde

        Oh my God they took Canada over…..and by your hands…..
        We thought we escape from ISIS …no we have her and under Canadian law….
        God open Canadian eyes.

  5. Lynn Moskal

    I don’t need to be protected by a man. I most certainly don’t need to be defined by one. That any women in this day and age thinks men are inherently superior to women and their rights should supersede those of women, is repulsive. Women in this country had to fight for basic rights and I for one, would die before I would ever relinquish them to a man. But if you have such little self worth that you need to get it from a man, you deserve everything you get. Sharia Law is not welcome in this country. In my opinion neither are women who voluntarily oppress women’s rights in the name of it.

    • Janie MacKenzie

      I agree

  6. Michelle

    I agree with Lynn Moskai. I don’t need to be protected by a man and I certainly would not want to have to follow Sharia Law. Do you honestly want to be locked in your home unless permitted to go out by your husband, or in the case of your husband not being present, your 10 year old son? That’s what happens with the Sharia Law that you are defending as a cultural difference. You write as though you are such a liberal but I don’t think you have any idea how different your life might become if Sharia Law was to be enacted upon you. How much freedom do you think you might lose? Would you actually want to be a prisoner held in check by your husband or the other males in the family or in the religion?

    Below is a quote from the following page:


    “‘Umar ibn al-Khattaab said: “Marriage is slavery, so be careful with regard to whom you give your daughter for enslavement.” In al-Tirmidhi and elsewhere it is narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “I urge you to treat women well, for they are prisoners with you.”

    So a woman is like a slave or prisoner of her husband, and she cannot go out of his house except with his permission, whether her father, her mother or anyone else tells her to do that, according to the consensus of the imams. End quote.

    Al-Fataawa al-Kubra, 3/148

    Ibn Muflih al-Hanbali said:

    It is haraam for a woman to go out of her husband’s house without his permission, except in cases of necessity, or shar’i obligations. End quote.

    Al-Adaab al-Shar’iyyah, 3/375

    With regard to a woman travelling without a mahram, this is haraam. This is stated in saheeh ahaadeeth from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

    Al-Nawawi said:

    Everything that is called travelling, it is forbidden for a woman to do without her husband or a mahram, whether it is three days, two days or one day, or bareed (a distance equivalent to approximately twenty kilometers) or anything else, because of the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbaas, according to which the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No woman should travel without a mahram.” This includes everything that is called travel. And Allaah knows best.

    End quote from Sharh Muslim, 9/103

    Please see also the answer to question no. 10680 for a description of the rights of both husband and wife.

    And Allaah knows best.”

  7. Disgustedcanadian

    This writer needs a stoning to bring her back to reality. I say ship her to Islam.

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