Amphiist 74: Individual potential

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Amphiist (noun): Someone who sees BOTH sides of issues

Believes in reaching their full potential

And allows others to do the same

Amphiist (noun): Civil rights advocate

Amphiist (noun): Philosopher, Historian, Psychologist

Amphiistic: (adjective): Emotionally intelligent, naturally aristocratic, self-actualized

Or at least trying…



Amphiist (74):

Individual potential

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September 9, 2018                              Today in the…

Natural Aristocrat, Emotionally Intelligent, Woke, Self-Actualized

Mainstream media perspective

The mainstream press generally focuses on life on a macro scale. In other words, they discuss world events, and local newspapers tend to concentrate on local affairs. Neither kind of journalism seems to focus on life on a micro scale, or the individual level. (Turn over page for other perspective.)

The Other Side

We don’t focus enough, the Amphiist asserts, on ourselves as individuals. I don’t mean we don’t pay enough attention to our selfish needs. There is all too much of that. I am talking about reaching our own maximum individual potential. The reason that Trump’s Presidency in the United States is so troublesome and problematic is that his policies create ingroups and outgroups. It’s hard for a member of the LGBTQ2 community to reach our full potential if we are discriminated against. I, personally, was discriminated against in the Mormon church for being a shemale or transgender, whichever label you wish to affix to my personal situation. They would not let me stay without harassing me on a continual basis. I see bullying all over the world of gay people, etc., and of other oppressed minorities.

We need to not judge others. We need to respect the fact that not everyone is going to agree with us. We need to stop creating ingroups and outgroups. That is the Nazi mindset. If we are not a member of the LGBTQ2 community ourselves, that doesn’t mean we can’t leave them alone to live their best lives and realize their ultimate potential. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has as one of its motivators the category of belongingness. We all belong to the human race and are motivated when we are accepted by our fellow human beings.

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