Government shutdown and the Illuminati (Part 3)

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The Senate and the House are still at odds when it comes to the government shutdown. The Republican House side says that it is willing to suspend a new tax on medical devices, etc.


A settlement is necessary because the Treasury Department has stated that by October 17, it will not be able to borrow more money because the debt ceiling will be maximized, and will have to depend on cash to fulfil its financial obligations. Oh, how I hate it when I have to go to my vast cash reserves under my mattress in order to pay off that pesky credit card debt! It’s so tiring.


I think this situation is very interesting, because it raises a point that conservatives are always trying to make. We should not depend on the government as liberals are constantly demanding people to do, because we never know literally when they are going to stop functioning for the most part. I’m not an American, so maybe I shouldn’t say we, but when it comes to being controlled by the Illuminati, the Western countries are really not all that different. We cannot (in the world) depend on government because government is external to ourselves. We should try to become as self-sufficient and as independent as possible, because the cynic in me suggests that when the chips are down, I can only count on myself—and because of my own inherent weaknesses, I can’t even count on that all the time!


Democrats are saying that the Tea Party is controlling the Republicans and that it is the Tea Party branch of the Republicans who caused the government shutdown in the first place. Unless high-powered liberals such as those in President Obama’s White House mean the Illuminati when they refer to the Tea Party, which I’m pretty sure isn’t the case, I think they’re being quite disingenuous.


As the government shutdown moves into its third week, the Republicans’ poll numbers are going down. This is patently unfair, but easily understandable because of classic media bias against those in the right…oops, I mean, on the right. So sorry for the slip. As I wrote in an earlier, recent blog, the Republicans have a Constitutional right to not want to spend money in a certain area. Like Fascist Obamacare.


Obama was supposed to meet with Congressional leaders, but he wanted to give more time to negotiations. And by negotiations, I mean his vacation. And by his vacation, I mean golfing.


Of course, all of this ‘negotiating’ is a scam in and of itself, because the outcome of this ordeal will be whatever the Illuminati say it will be. And equally ‘of course’ you can be sure that any ‘humour’ or mention of the Illuminati is me, not the CBC talking!





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