The new American 100 dollar bill: Gold vs. fiat

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The new 100 dollar bill turns gold when light is shone on it. There are several other interesting aspects to the bill as well. These are all very interesting in light of the current financial crisis, looming currency crash, and Illuminati symbolism.


The big blue stripe down the centre is meaningful. According to monetary theory there are two main theories. One is fiat or paper money and the other is money backed by gold. The left side of the blue stripe represents fiat. There is no new colouring on the new 100 dollar bill. The Treasury Secretary’s signature has been moved to the left, along with the picture of Benjamin Franklin, who was a big supporter of paper money. But he was also anti-banker. On the right hand side could be represented by the gold-backed currency. There is a lot of gold on this side; gold watermark, gold 100, gold writing in the background, etc.


The Unitd States is on its way back to the gold standard. The gold liberty bell represents Congress’s power. The words ‘this note is legal tender’ has been moved from the left to the right of the blue stripe.


Look at the wording on the far right above the 100. The wording comes from the Declaration of Independence. When a government becomes destructive to liberty, it is the responsibility of the people to fashion a new government (paraphrased). People have never been more ready to abolish the government.


The gold standard is coming. The United States 100 dollar bill is the most counterfeited in the world. This bill was supposed to come out years ago but there were production problems. I guess they had to make sure it wasn’t counterfeited. Government was waiting for the crash to issue this new 100 dollar bill; that’s one theory.




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