Natural Aristocrat Weekly Special Edition Issue 5

Natural Aristocrat Weekly: Special Edition

Mass Shooting at Umpqua Community College, Oregon

False flag or the work of a lonely killer?

Issue 5: October 3, 2015


There has been another mass shooting in Oregon, this time at Umpqua Community College. The inevitable question of whether or not this is a government-inspired false flag (the government orchestrating it to pass gun control legislation) has arisen, as it always does, now almost immediately after such a tragedy. The author of the article I am summarizing, with the sourced link at the bottom of this page, discusses various characteristics that are normally associated with false flags.


One is media headlines. Media coverage is often 24/7 on cases like this. However, my personal take on this is that news outlets have quickly moved on to the 2016 election.



Another is the immediate call for gun control. My take on this is that all of these supposed false flag events happen but actual gun control legislation is not passed (and martial law, another false flag characteristic that is not mentioned in this article), so what is the point of staging the events in the first place? It’s possible, but it becomes increasingly unlikely with each new tragedy that transpires.


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