Amphiist 12: Shia Islam, Christianity and Judaism: How they view Jesus

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The three Abrahamic religions are Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Let’s compare them. Islam was founded by the Prophet Mohammed in the sixth century in Saudi Arabia. The main difference between Islam and Christianity is that while Muslims believe that Jesus was a superb moral teacher and prophet of God, they do not believe that he is the actual son of God. They believe this is idolatry and that only one God should be worshipped. Christians do believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, although there is controversy within Christianity whether or not Jesus’s Atonement was enough so that people are automatically forgiven all their sins and enter heaven as a result of the Atonement, or if they also have to work hard to deserve heaven based on merit (as much as possible).

Both Islam and Christianity respect Jesus enormously, then, although to different degrees. The fundamental difference between these first two religions and Judaism is that Jews mock Jesus Christ and according to the Babylonian Talmud, describe him as burning in hell in his own excrement. And even today, schoolchildren crucify monkeys in a mockery of Jesus and the Atonement.

However, there is a further division of which as many people as possible should be aware in this day of constant terror.

There are over 70 sects in Islam, but two main ones which comprise most of the Muslim population. These are the Sunni and Shia sects. Shias represent the pure and real Islam, but extreme Sunni Islam, also known as Wahhabi Islam is the real cause of terrorism. Mohammed ibn Abd al Wahhab was an Islamic fanatic in the 18th century (he died near the end of it); he was an extreme fanatic. But the real terror began when Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman usurped power from the Prophet Mohammed’s rightful successor, Ali ibn Abi Talib. They wanted power, and were willing to do anything at all to obtain it. There is a record in both Sunni and Shia literature which states clearly that the Prophet passed on his legacy to Ali, a man known for his akhlaq, his integrity of character, and his great emotional intelligence.

People accuse Islam of being political as well as a religion, but in reality, this charge can be leveled with far more appropriateness at Judaism. Although Jews account for 2% of the American and Canadian populations, they represent over half of the media and political power. Please don’t think I’m anti-Semitic when I point this out. I am anti Zionist. There is a profound and fundamental difference. I do not believe in racism, and I don’t accept that hatred against someone for their race is permissible on any level. My point is only that Muslims are accused of representing a political ideology and not just a religious one, but many miss the point and overlook Jewish involvement in Western affairs. Many Americans do not know, for example, that politicians in the US basically sign a pledge that they will be loyal to Israel. Of course, this means that they can’t put America first. As a globalist, I wish people would put the entire world first, and not divide into nationalistic countries, but I do see the illogic in America being so devoted to Jewish interests, usually at the expense of its own, especially when it comes to fighting Israel’s wars which enrage Muslims, justifiably so. ISIS adheres to Wahhabi Islam, the belief that everyone should live as the Prophet and his companions lived. They exercise very rigid beliefs and it would be impossible in reality to ever live up to them.

However, I am no Holocaust denier. I believe that this occurred, and that hate speech does need to be censored so that such an enormous tragedy never occurs again. I merely wish to educate people who may not know about the influence that Jews have over American and Canadian political life, which is a question given their very small percentage of overall demographics in these two countries.

Personally, I have become disenchanted with Christianity because of an experience I had with the Mormon church (a Christian church). My view of religion is that we sacrifice our own sins for the assurance that God will protect us. When I was in the Church, God did not protect me and I still to this day feel abandoned because He did not intervene to stop the discrimination I faced there. I am seriously thinking about converting (or reverting, as they call it) to Shia Islam, but I still have not made up my mind. I still definitely believe in God, but have come to realize that I know very little about Him. Hopefully, in my journey through life, I begin to learn. If anyone knows of any information I produced here that is inaccurate, please let me know. These are important issues, and I want to get everything right.

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