Amphiist 11: Greta Garbo

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Amphiist 11: Greta Garbo, the most beautiful woman in the world

Entertainment in the West used to be about beauty and/or talent. Often, people over the age of 40 suffer a feeling of nostalgia for what used to be in the world of fantasy.

Greta Garbo is one such example. Garbo’s career was active in America between the years 1926 and 1941. She retired at the age of 36, because of the onset of the Second World War, which closed off foreign markets in Hollywood. She had become more popular in Europe than in the US, because of her high level of sophistication. When she first started in movies, she was a temptress. That appealed to both men and women, but by the mid-30s, Greta Garbo was doing costume dramas and she became somewhat less popular (although still extremely prestigious) in such great masterpieces as Camille, her best film. In 1939, she turned her hand to comedy and became popular once again in Ninotchka, but her next film received a lot of bad publicity and was even condemned by the Catholic Church. So she retired after 1941, although she had intended to return to movies.

Classic movies had better plots (character driven, rather than plot driven through a series of overproduced special effects), better actors, better presence. A lot of people can’t get past that they’re in black and white, but I think that adds an element of mystery and glamour to movies. Movies are very realistic now, but they advance an agenda that is not in the best interests of the masses. They put forth an agenda that nations should be at war with each other, that men and women are enemies, and that sin is something people should never be ashamed of.

We can’t all be as beautiful as Garbo. But we can be beautiful inside by being emotionally intelligent, by being kind, by sacrificing for others.

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