Amphiist 10: Alt right/ alt lite (new right)

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Amphiist 10: Alt right/alt lite (new right)

There are two political movements that a lot of people who aren’t on Twitter probably don’t know about, but which are an important part of the political discourse at this time.

Let’s start with the altright. These are collectively people who believe in the tradition of white culture. They believe in the nuclear family, two genders, and that a woman should marry young, and when she’s a wife, stay home and look after the kids while her husband goes to work each day to make enough money to support his family. They believe that Western society has become degenerate in a number of areas, from encouraging sex education for children in elementary school to Hollywood in general. They range from extremists who hate all Jews to more rational people who question the power that Jewish people have in the media and American government, but who have nothing against the average Jew. They do not believe in race-mixing. They believe that men should lift weights and work out in the gym. Women, according to the altright, should wear their hair long and look discernibly feminine. They should also be within the acceptable range of weight. Women should be more submissive, men more dominant.

This is the group who is the subject of today’s Twitter purge, especially if individuals within the group express hatred for people of colour, the LGBTQ2 community, etc. So far, only a few Twitter subscribers have lost their platforms on that site. But it could get worse as the day progresses.

The three accounts to watch out for are Richard Spencer’s, Nick J Fuentes’s, and James Allsup’s. Richard Spencer is the leader of the altright, and is the President of NPI (National Policy Institute). He has been known to make racist statements and even told a black man to his face, one born in London, that he was not a Briton. This is unacceptable, because it not only hurt the black man’s feelings on its own, but also it will encourage racism in others. The black reporter could be the victim of a hate crime based on Spencer’s very careless words. No doubt, Spencer will at some point be banned from Twitter. He believes in an ethnostate, where a vast majority of white people will live.

James Allsup has even more of an intolerant mindset, as he routinely mocks overweight women. This mindset creates an ingroup (in James’s case, traditional white Americans who are physically fit) and anyone outside that group does not seem worthy of respect. James should certainly be deplatformed, kicked off social media sites, etc.

Nicholas J Fuentes is only 19 but is very well read and intelligent. He lacks the experience to always draw appropriate conclusions. Lately, he has taken on Spencer in terms of rally optics, Spencer’s wife’s connections with Russia, etc. Fuentes is a paleoconservative, yearning for the America of the past.

One important point to make is that the America that these men want is the America of the Founding Fathers. That is an uncomfortable truth for many people. The Founding Fathers were sexist and racist. They viewed black people as inferior beings. They did not think women should have the right to vote. Spencer, Allsup and Fuentes are not to be dismissed. But they are to be censored. Free speech is fine in theory, but think of the victims!

I used to think let’s shine a light on what these people are saying. However, with the sheer number of mentally ill people who can take these men’s ideology and translate it into physically violent action, the time for tolerance is over. These with the Nazi mindset have tricked us into letting them express their hate under the guise of freedom of speech. Fuentes in particular has a surface charm which can mislead especially the youth and possibly trick them into thinking about a master race of white people. The clear danger here is very apparent. Now, it’s time to discuss the altlite. Are they as warped as the altright? They are not as bad, but the mainstream media often labels them as altright. I think we need to be careful here, because while not as dangerous as the some of the altright, they do have their own problems, certainly.

Their main reason for being is to decry the racism that can exist on the altright side. So right there they are a bit better. They are also far more tolerant of things like alternative sexuality, women’s roles, etc. Mike Cernovich is probably the leading figure of this movement. He has his good and bad points. He is an alpha male, to be sure, and is very well read, along with being cultured. He does not fear speaking truth to power. However, he can be vindictive, and the news he disseminates is not always fully accurate (to say the least).


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