Amphiist 54: Not all heroes are actually heroes (Gandhi, Nehru and Jinnah)

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Amphiist (54)

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Mainstream Media

The mainstream media has discussed the partition of India and Pakistan in terms of how, in 1947, all of politics were seen in light of the Cold War then being fought between the Soviet Union and America. Britain, having lost a lot of power because of both world wars, but especially the second one, was desperate to find a way to maintain control over the area known as India. They felt they were acting in self defence by partitioning India and creating the new state of Pakistan. They did not feel safe in terms of what the Soviet Union might do in order to disrupt Britain’s safety. Britain accordingly wanted, according to the mainstream media, to safeguard its interests there, and make sure it could have military bases there. (Turn over page for other perspective)


The Other Side

The partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 was an implementation of the British deep state practice of divide and rule. Before that time, Hindus and Muslims had no sectarian strife. Not all who are called heroes are actually heroes: Examples include Gandhi and Nehru, mere puppets of the British deep state. And the father of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali Jinnah just wanted power.

Nehru and Jinnah fought over who would be President. They cared only for the power, not the genocide which Britain implemented against both Indians and Pakistanis. The partition of India and Pakistan resulted in 5 million deaths. Of course, Winston Churchill’s role in the partition cannot be overlooked, and neither can Queen Elizabeth II’s sending her puppets to India (Gandhi was brought from South Africa). This goes as far back as 1932.

But let’s end on a positive note. There are some true Pakistani heroes. Prime Minister of the Punjab, Sikandar Hayat Khan was a true statesman and warned his colleagues at the time that genocide would result from the partition.

He was ignored. The history of this great man needs to be told, and also the masses needed to be warned against traitors like Nehru, Jinnah and Gandhi.

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