Government shutdown and the Illuminati, Part 2 (false flag?)

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This website offers the opinion that the entire government shutdown is a false flag. This surprised me, because usually it is major events like Sandy Hook, Aurora, Navy Yard, Miriam Carey, etc, that is categorized by conspiracy theorists as a false flag. It is tied to the Chinese warning the United States that the country had better not go into default. How is this connected?


October 17 is the very important deadline. That is when the United States is projected to run out of cash, a scary thought. One way to overcome this would be to raise the debt ceiling. Supposedly, the Chinese are worried about the safety of their investments in the United States. America has borrowed an enormous amount of money from China. Of course, just like credit card companies, China might be happy that the United States cannot pay because then China would make a lot more money on interest. Incidentally, that is one reason why the Illuminati hates Islam—because that religion teaches that the charging of interest is paramount to usury. Credit card companies make more money if people just make the minimum payment on their debt, for example.


The crux of the matter for the writer of the site I am summarizing here is that this is a false flag event because there is a concerted, definite attempt to crash the dollar. This would set the stage for another situation like that which occurred with the Great Depression, another tragedy orchestrated, or believed by many to be orchestrated, by the Illuminati for their own purposes of dominating the world.


The writer of this article I’m summarizing cites a Bloomberg article, which discusses why Bernanke and other financial officials (high-ranking ones!) in the States do not understand why central banks like the Federal Reserve are building up their reservoirs of gold bullion. China is one of the countries that have done the same thing, along with Russia. Why are they purchasing so much gold? The Illuminati knows that the dollar, and currencies in countries associated with the dollar, is going to crash very soon. Although the article does not explore this, I know from previous research that gold is inversely proportional in terms of value to paper currency. That is why when the economy is bad, gold rises in value. So if the dollar is going to crash soon, that means gold is an incredibly good investment. That is why the federal government does not want the average civilian to have a lot of gold because if they do the government accordingly has a lot less control over them. Remember in the 1930s when gold was confiscated according to terms grossly unfair to civilians? The same could easily happen again.


The government shutdown has been orchestrated by the Illuminati, according to this article’s writer I’m summarizing, because the attempt to incite the public so much against Syria that war seemed appropriate, did not work.


If the United States cannot pay its debt to China, then China will do just what a credit card company would do, repossess assets. And then the truly scary stuff will begin!



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