Nairobi, Kenya false flag–Zionist plot to blame Islam (Illuminati hates religion)

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The attack in Kenya, according to this website, was a false flag attack. This site goes into a lot of detail about why the author of the site feels this way and presents an extremely compelling case. To tell you the truth, I do not know what blood is supposed to look like when splattered across a chest, but some of the things that are mentioned in this site do seem like common sense.


According to this site, the false flag attack recently in Kenya was a plot of the Zionists, Obama, and Cameron (Prime Minister of England). The American embassy in Kenya was bombed, and there were over 200 casualties. The site advances the claim that Mossad was behind it, as part of the Zionist attempt to discredit Muslims worldwide. Suspicious details about this attack include the fact that no CCTV cameras filmed the shooters as they practised their evil.


Another suspicious element to the attack is that purportedly, just before they shot people dead, the Muslim terrorists gave people a choice: say the name of the Prophet Muhammad’s mother and live, or don’t and die. The site says this sounds more like something Mossad would do rather than a Muslim, even an extreme one. In such a state of shock, it could be that people about to die might not remember the name of the Prophet’s mother.


There are several suspicious issues connected with the video released concerning this tragedy. The nature of the wounds, the emotions displayed by the victims, etc., are questioned by this site. On a personal note, I remember summarizing articles about the Sandy Hook conspiracy, and being indignant that people actually thought an entire town was faked, and that people who wrote such stories were making victims suffer twice, first because of the tragedy and then second because of the dismissal of the tragedy on a certain level. I’ll be honest; I don’t know as much about Nairobi as I do about these issues in the United States, so if you are reading this and can explain the whole thing to me, please do so because I really want to try to figure all of this out. This site does seem very convincing, but I’m not sure.


The author of this particular article also says the Navy Yard shooting also represents a false flag attack and that Zionists are panicking because they are losing their grip worldwide. However, I think that the Zionists, and the Illuminati itself, certainly seem to be gaining in power, so I don’t really understand that point.


There are certain themes that come up each time one of these attacks occurs, and they are mentioned here in this article, such as blood pacs, crisis actors, etc. Crisis actors are a fascinating topic. In the Boston Bombings hoax, if that’s what it was, there were people like Nick Vogt, Jeff Bauman, Dawn Hochsprung, and Donna Bruce, with questions about their respective identities. Robbie Parker, Mormon father one of the victims at Newtown, Connecticut, was accused of being a crisis actor. People wondered why he was smiling just before giving a press conference about his daughter who had been killed. There were even pictures of the little girl’s sister, with people saying that she wasn’t even dead. Although I disagree with these extreme views, there is a lot in the article I’m summarizing today that actually makes a ton of sense. If you want to read about these other attacks, I’ve summarized articles here, and here By the way, just for the sake of interest, the latter article, the one about Nick Vogt, etc., has received the most hits of any article on my website. People really want to know a lot about this stuff, because it’s fascinating on an intellectual level, but also extremely scary on a personal level.


Blood on the shirt of one of the victims of the Nairobi tragedy is the wrong colour according to one of this site’s readers. There are also no entrance wounds. There are also a lot of people around, doing nothing, but not looking particularly frightened. One of the things I found most interesting about this article is that the author says that the Kenyans learned from what happened in Boston, and tried to make everything more convincing. People are supposedly walking around with bullet wounds, which does not seem likely (although I read in a book recently where someone was stabbed—it was an Agatha Christie novel, Ordeal by Innocence—and they walked a ways before collapsing, so this does seem possible).


I hope the truth of this is all sorted out soon because if these really are all false flag attacks; Boston, Aurora, Newtown, Miriam Carey, Navy Yard, etc., it amounts to treason.



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