What is the Illuminati?

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The Illuminati from what I understand is a secret society. It is pursuing a New World Order where national or state boundaries become extinct. They want globalization on a grand scale. I have read that the movement began in the 18th century in Bavaria. I am just learning about this society myself, but have picked up quite a bit of information from YouTube videos, websites, and the occasional section of a book. Some people who have published extensively on the subject of the Illuminati are Alex Jones, and Mark Dice.


Many people feel that the most influential person in the world is Evelyn Rothschild. He lives in London, as far as I know. The Rothschild family has very close ties to the Illuminati, and have financed a lot of the actions the Illuminati has taken. What are some of these events? During my reading, I have seen accusations that the Illuminati were behind the First World War, the Great Depression, the Second World War, the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln, and even the deaths of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson.


Here are some quick notes about what I have learned about each of these events. During the First World War, the Illuminati funded both main sides of the war, thereby making a fortune. The Great Depression is said to have been orchestrated by the Illuminati. The Second World War was also part of the grand scheme of this society to take over the world. Kennedy knew that they were trying to rob Americans of their freedom, and so he was murdered so that he could not fight them. The same thing happened with Lincoln. Once we enter into the realm of American pop stars like Houston and Jackson, I’m a bit more confused as to why they would be killed. However, I do know that there is a theory that Michael Jackson was considering becoming Muslim before his untimely death. Some of the lyrics of his songs are also said to attack the Illuminati. Jackson has tons of fans to this day, obviously, and it was conjectured that if he became Muslim (like his brother, Jermaine) then he would influence many millions of others to do the same.


That is a quick summary of what I have learned, but over the summer, I plan to do a lot of articles on the subject. I have already done some. If you would like to find them on my site, please feel free to type in Search: Illuminati. I have written a couple dozen articles on the subject. If you know a lot about this secret society, then please write me and correct anything. I want to learn: I find all of this extremely fascinating. 

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