Words whisper; actions scream! Most people are selfish and self-absorbed.

· Philosophy

There’s a trend that’s happened in the past couple of years where people are uncomfortable if a person is negative. But sometimes it’s good to be negative when you’re trying to make a point. I have a sincere belief that most (definitely not all) people are incredibly self-absorbed and selfish. Is this negative, or just an expression of one person’s experience? I think it’s the latter. When people only say hello when they need something, that’s self absorbed. When people aren’t willing to do you favours when you constantly do them favours, that’s self absorbed. When people exaggerate and lie to get you to do what they want, that’s self absorbed. When people don’t answer your message unless it’s about a subject that’s of interest to them, that’s self absorbed. When people say they are going to do something and they don’t, that’s self absorbed. When people do not practice self discipline and do not watch what they say to you, that’s self absorbed. These things happen to me on pretty much a daily basis. Most people don’t have a lot of integrity or character. I’m convinced of it. But some people do have integrity and character. And that’s what we should try to focus on. For some reason, that’s harder to do than it sounds. I have a very negative view of human nature, I will admit. But it’s not based on some abstract ideology; it’s based on people’s actions. As I’ve said before, words whisper; actions scream. I can honestly say that for the most part, I do not engage in these destructive patterns. Many people who read this will think it’s true in general but not realize they themselves are like this. If this is negative, then so be it. I am tired of most people. And as time goes by, I’m going to, in the moment, communicate my displeasure with such people to them directly. Maybe if enough of us do this, there will be a change. As long as we say nothing when people behave badly, even if it’s just in this social sense, then we are contributing to the problem. I no longer care about any fake indignation that might be displayed by people who are guilty of this behaviour. I’m going to do my part in denouncing selfish and self absorbed people. Join me in the fight! If I don’t stand up for myself, I may as well just sit down and shut up. And I’d rather stand up for myself.


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