A Tale of Two Cultures: My third book about Ahmad, a Muslim student, and the Canadian girl he falls in love with.

· Literature, Popular culture, Religion

The next book I am going to write is going to be on a Middle Eastern student who is torn between a Chinese girl and Canadian girl. He goes to Halifax, Nova Scotia, to go to Saint Mary’s University where he is going to major in Commerce so that he can work for his father in the family business, which is a bakery. His parents are planning on arranging a marriage to a Muslim girl back home, but he resists, because he feels a strange connection to Canadian culture. He wants to marry a Muslim, but falls in love with this Canadian girl. The Chinese girl wants him, though, and is willing to do anything to get him. She manages to keep apart the Muslim and the Christian students, but true love conquers all, and eventually they marry forever.


The Muslim student wants to please his father and the rest of his family, but he also wants to stay in Canada to be with the Christian girl he has fallen in love with. His parents visit Canada several times to try to convince him to go ahead with the arranged marriage so that he does not shame the family, but throughout the book he goes on his own personal journey. By the end of the book, his family also falls in love with the Canadian girl, a student around his age who is also taking Commerce.


The underlying message of the book will be the marriage not only of two people, but of two very different cultures. Although both Ahmad and Mary both believe in God, their specific religious beliefs are different. But they discover more similarities than differences between them, and when they eventually have a child, they plan to let the child choose which religion he or she is going to adopt for their own.


Before Ahmad meets his dream girl, he tries to use the Internet to find a mate. The first girl he falls for while he is a Canadian student is Indian, but it does not work out between them, once he discovers that she is not who he thought she was in terms of values. True love for Ahmad comes only after a while, and once he finds it, he is willing to do anything he has to in order to maintain it forever.

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