Prediction from Imran Hosein: The anti Christ will rule Israel and America will collapse. What do you think?

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The false Christ sees only with one eyes, his left eye, not both eyes. The Quran teaches that our hearts can see and hear; it is not just our eyes that can perform these tasks. If we have faith, we could be blind but we could still see. We could be deaf, and we could still hear. The false Christ seeing with only his left eye symbolizes external vision.


When Jesus was born, the Jews of that time rejected His role as Messiah because they believed that the Virgin Mary had committed sin. They did not see with their internal vision of faith; they used only their external vision. In order to convince the Jews that he really is the Messiah, the false Christ will make Israel the most powerful nation in the world.


The anti Christ is powerfully built with curly hair, and will rule the world from Jerusalem the way the world is now ruled by Washington. Where would this creature be when he is released? He will try to restate Israel as the Holy Land from the island of Britain, according to Imran Hosein. Hosein refers to the Balfour Declaration of 1917 where Israel is promised to the Jews. Hosein asks the question, why would a secular state declare its intention to work for the establishment of a Jewish national home or state in the Holy Land? He says that Britain is no longer a Christian state. I can see what he means on this, because remember Henry VIII? He dismantled the Catholic Church so that he could get a divorce and created the Church of England (Anglican Church) so that he could remarry. With that one act, I feel that Henry VIII caused Britain to cease being a Christian nation.


The current system of usury was begun by the Bank of England. Britain became the money lender of the world. It began issuing paper currency, and the ability to become very wealthy was enormously advanced.


Just before the anti Christ wreaks his havoc, something strange will happen in the world of women, according to Hosein. There will be a revolution, that will be totally new. The anti Christ will deceive women by having them embark upon a feminist revolution.


The same people who attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, are responsible for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which was the catalyst for World War I. In 1914, there were six major powers in Europe. They were Britain, France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman/Islam empire, which controlled the Holy Land. The footprints of the assassination led to Russia, so Austria-Hungary declared war on Russia. Britain sided with Russia, and Germany sided with Austria. The Ottoman empire sided with Germany. Germany used a new weapon, the submarine, just like Israel is also going to use a new weapon. There are a lot of parallels. Britain involved America in the war, and the Ottoman empire was dismembered and the Holy Land was liberated for the Jews.


The first country in the world was to recognize Israel was the United States. In 1956, Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt’s Suez Canal. Eisenhower ordered Britain, France and Israel to withdraw and they had to do so. Britain’s government fell under the leadership of Anthony Eden, the Prime Minister. After the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the U.S became the lone superpower, basically. The relationship between America and Israel is a fulfillment of another phase of the journey of the anti Christ, according to Hosein.


Israel will replace America as the superpower, and the currency of paper money will disappear in importance. Israel has a major obstacle that prevents it from becoming the most powerful nation, and that obstacle is Pakistan’s nuclear capability. The next step will be the Israeli war on Muslims and black Christian Africans. Israel will be ruled by the anti Christ. Jesus cannot return until the anti Christ completes his mission. Hosein recommends that Muslims teach Christians about the anti Christ.


But take heart—Jesus will ultimately prevail.






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  1. edwin domingo

    The anti Christ is not barak obama nor whole entire america who Rule Israel the: anti Christ is half Persia half jew

    • admin

      What are you referring to?

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