Amphiist 37: A defence of George Soros

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There are many sides fighting to influence our world view

We need to listen to all of them (free speech)

Including what the mainstream media refuses to cover

The rest of us are entitled to our perspectives:

Shia Muslims, men’s rights, socialists, etc.

Amphiist is a Greek word meaning looking at both sides

Amphiist (37)

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Mainstream media perspective

George Soros is a philanthropist who created the Open Society Foundation in order to spread democracy across the globe. The conspiracy theorists in the alternative media believe that he is one of the most evil people in the world, and pretty much accuse him of anything that goes wrong. It must be tiring for him to keep up with all of the different cheques he writes, considering all of the different causes he allegedly financially espouses! Recently, at Davos, Switzerland, he gave a speech at the World Economic Forum, where President Trump also spoke. Soros is depicted in the mainstream media as a philanthropist, far removed from the more selfish lifestyle lived by Donald Trump.

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The Other Side

In his talk in Davos, Soros outlined the dangers of ignoring North Korea’s nuclear capabilities. He also warned about the dangers of climate change. In other words, he is a responsible global citizen, unlike Donald Trump. Soros rightfully warns about Trump’s escalation of the North Korean crisis, and stupendous ignorance of the realities associated with climate change. Soros also discussed the dangers posed by Facebook and Google’s monopolies. Specifically, such companies violate freedom of mind and contribute to an ever-decreasing attention span. The market for Facebook is quickly reaching a saturation point, and so it is looking toward countries like authoritarian China for new customers, which will encourage more censorship and less global freedom. The EU as regulator is the answer to protect the common man. Concern with the common does that sound like Soros is some kind of deranged, evil madman bent on world domination?

When writing about controversial figures like George Soros, it is better to move past the stereotypical view of him as a globalist intent on establishing a New World Order, funding both sides of wars so he derives pecuniary benefit, while ignoring the plight of those he supposedly exploits. This is the whole point of Amphiist. We need to move beyond knee-jerk reactions and see that there is a lot of sophisticated layers to a man like Soros. He is not what the alternative media make him out to be, a caricature of a man.

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