If Obama is running to be reelected as President so he can help people, why isn’t he helping people when he’s ALREADY President?

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I would be criticizing any President, be they Democrat or Republican, for the situation that’s going on along the Eastern Seaboard. It is absolutely unacceptable what’s going on, or more accurately, what’s not going on. President Obama should be ensuring that the generators for the marathon are redirected to those who need it. That is what any real human being with character with the power of the Presidency would do for the trouble spots, like New Jersey, Staten Island, and Manhattan.


Pictures have been shown on the news media of unused generators that could be lighting up the city. If I were a multi-millionaire and had a private jet, like Romney (see, I’m bipartisan in my distaste for these candidates), there is no way I would not be helping transport fuel to people, connecting people with gas cans, etc., etc. What is wrong with these people? For all I know, Romney is doing his part, but I haven’t heard it reported anywhere. If he is, then wonderful, he’s doing the right thing. But where is President Obama? Ohio, campaigning. The irony is profound. He’s running to continue being President of the United States because he feels he can help the American people. So the logical question is: Why isn’t he helping when he is already the President and has the power to do enormous good in this situation? Answer: Because he is not interested in helping the American people. He has shown again and again that he is interested in the celebrity that the Presidency provides. He likes golfing. He likes using Air Force One. He loves Jay Z and Beyonce. He adores fundraisers. The actual work of the Presidency? Not so much. He will make a television commercial, apologizing to the Middle East for an obscure video because tv falls within his wheelhouse. He’s a star, after all. A falling one, but still a star.

Obama is supposed to love America. If part of your family is dying in the kitchen, why spend time in the living room? It’s Obama’s job to protect his people. He could be organizing. Wasn’t he a vaunted community organizer? People in New York and New Jersey right now need immediate and practical help. It’s not about politics. It’s about Presidential candidates who pretend to care. If volunteers, including a blind woman, are helping out in these areas, why isn’t the President of the United States? This year’s October surprise is that Obama doesn’t care. Except that it’s not so much of a surprise to people who have been following his rise to stardom.


Bloomberg is no better. He stays in his palace, and shows that he is callous. These multi-millionaires and billionaires should honestly be ashamed of themselves. Children shivering in the cold. Yes, perhaps some should have evacuated when they were told to, but if you don’t have a car, and your friends don’t have cars, how do you uproot yourself at a moment’s notice? And it’s not like these areas routinely get hurricanes and other natural disasters, so that one could argue that they are taking a risk living there in the first place. Although there are obviously exceptions, for the most part, the rich do not care about the poor. That is why the Bible reports that it will be easier for a camel to enter into the eye of a needle than it will be for a rich man to enter into heaven. It is clear why. If you have many millions of dollars and are in the area where a disaster like this strikes, why on earth are you not in the trenches? For the same reason that rich people’s children don’t fight wars, and visit those trenches. That’s a job for poor people, I guess.


I cannot for the life of me fathom how people can defend Obama in this situation. Wake up, people! He is taking the America for the kind of ride that requires no gas. I have no idea if this will affect the election results, but it should. He is contemptible.

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