Servants would help Western civilization!

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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we returned to having a servant class in the Western world? I think it would solve a lot of our problems. In fact, I can think of at least three reasons why it would help our modern society. However, because people do not have the money they had before the First World War, the servant solution should be a part time one. After I outline the three advantages, I have a money making scheme that I think is very interesting. The first advantage I see from building up a servant class is that it will create more jobs. In this harsh economy we are living under currently, a lot of people could use a few extra dollars each week, from helping others out with a variety of household chores and other errands. The second advantage I see is that people would be less busy because they would have help in getting their errands done. A third advantage is that we would benefit from the knowledge we would be sharing with others.


People need to get over the idea that it is demeaning to be a servant. A servant is a professional who is good at what they do and has a skill that the person hiring them does not have. Many people can’t cook, many aren’t good cleaners, etc. A servant would be like a paid friend who helps you live a more comfortable, convenient life, while still benefitting at the same time themselves.


Now, how would we get the money to finance this endeavour? There’s a simple principle that I would like to address. It would be easy for people to make money if they had hundreds or thousands of people contributing to their pocketbook. The product that people sell could be themselves. In other words, they could sell the story of their life. Think of how much knowledge has been accumulated in people’s lives. It would be like keeping a journal and selling it, focusing the theme of the journal on what the person has learned that week in terms of life’s lessons. We all learn so much each week of our lives that we never talk about because we are not comfortable talking about our personal affairs. But we need to get over this, because it is selfish. People could charge a dollar for that week’s journal. People could express their deepest fears, most passionate dreams, what they would do if they were lives if they were able. So many people are frustrated in their desires. Maybe it would make them feel better if they shared this information with people and we could all learn from each other. The marketplace would decide whose life was interesting to make the most money. And since the price of the journals would be very low, it would be affordable. But let’s say someone sells a thousand journals in one week. That’s a thousand dollars in one week at one dollar a shot. That’s a lot of money for just writing about your life, and no one person would have to spend a lot of money because it would cost one dollar only. It is taking advantage of numbers. Plus, everyone wants to be famous these days. Or, if someone did not want to be famous from this, then they could publish their journals anonymously, and people would still derive the benefit of reading about the person’s life. There is no necessity in knowing the identity of the person writing the journal, after all, but it would be nice where possible. Another possibility is that, instead of writing about someone’s own life, they could write about what they are good at. Perhaps someone is good at navigating the website Priceline and getting great deals for people. They could write a small e-book on how to do this. People love learning how to do things, especially if it saves them money. And we are all good at something. I think both of these possibilities should be exploited in order to pay for part-time servants so that we realize three advantages: have more jobs going around, be less busy, and benefit from the knowledge that is shared.

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    We do, in a sense, already have that servant class 9that you refer to it as) in Western society. It is called health care. As for me I work in that field and if making sure people get their meals, cleaning them when they are in a mess and making sure they have a decent place to sleep, is not what might be considered a part of servanthood, then I don’t know what is. It already exists in a lot of different ways.

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