Did President Obama manipulate the job numbers?

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Why are people so surprised that Barack Obama might have cooked the books concerning the job numbers that were released where the numbers dipped below 8%? That kind of thing has been done in Canada. Think of the scholarship scandal. Both situations involve the government inappropriately involving itself in the administrative aspect of government. And both times, it’s the ‘Liberal’ party that is at the center of the controversy. Have you ever noticed that the scandals routinely involve that party, whether it be administrative or sexual scandals?


Of course, it has only been alleged by some that President Obama has manipulated the numbers put out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of the people wondering about this theory is Jack Welch, who referred on Twitter to these people from Chicago not being able to debate “so they change the numbers.” He admitted that he had no evidence, and that he was just advancing the debate over the issue with his question.


However, his question has resonated with some, who want to know why, when the economy does not seem to be doing any better, the job numbers became so good right before an election. Democrat supporters say that the other party just cannot admit that Obama is doing a good job. The numbers reported went from 8.1% to 7.8%, which is a substantial movement, and that is why many people are suspicious.


Some people point out that the Bureau of Labor Statistics is above reproach, and that the employees who work there would never compromise the integrity of the process. They are supposedly non-partisan. However, it has come to light that two people who work at that department have contributed to President Obama’s campaign and/or the Democratic National Committee. What occurs to me is that there must be many other people who contributed to the reporting of the job numbers. If only 2 people are on Obama’s side, that does not really mean anything. It would only mean something if the entire department who reported the numbers were ‘in the tank’ for Obama. So I’m not convinced that Obama cooked the books. But it does make you wonder, especially given the sponsorship scanadal in Canada that happened half a dozen years ago…

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