Amphiist 67: Why Tommy Robinson cannot be defended but Anjem Choudary can

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Amphiist (67)

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Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson was arrested for violating restricted regulations respective to journalists concerning reporting on sex abuse trials. Robinson’s defenders are saying on Twitter that the reason he was arrested is really because the New World Order conspirators are implementing their agenda to stop people from reporting on the fact that grooming gangs are raping girls as young as 11. The media is not reporting on this, or is as little as possible, because they are protecting pedophiles. British law enforcement officials involved with Tommy Robinson are trying to silence him because he is a hero who is trying to protect the victims of these grooming gangs. He fights for white people who are being replaced by migrants who are threatening the safety and security of Britain. (Turn over page for other perspective)


The Other Side

Two men stand in contradistinction to one another. Tommy Robinson is a thug who allegedly has beaten his wife, and allegedly beaten a police officer for intervening in the domestic violence incident.

Choudary is a conservative Muslim who believes that the world would be better off under an Islamic caliphate. This is par for the course for adherents to a particular religion. Mormons, for example, believe the world would be better off if everyone were Mormon. They believe that if you are not Mormon, you will not go to heaven. Choudary believes the same, except as seen through an Islamic lens. Choudary, it is also important to note, has never committed violence, or at least I am not aware of it ever being reported that he has. Robinson is a career criminal. As far as I know, Choudary’s current imprisonment represents his first offense.

Setting aside the issue of violence, which obviously is awful no matter who does it, the motivations between what Choudary and Robinson are doing are profoundly different. It’s been reported that Robinson does what he does for money. No one has ever made that accusation against Choudary, whose motivation appears to be religious in nature.

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  1. Joe johnson

    I’ve never heard such rubbish, please come to the uk and get your facts right before commenting on something you obviously know nothing about!

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