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Mainstream media

Anwar Al Awlaki is a figure of great controversy in American politics. The mainstream media depicts him as a terrorist. President Obama killed him with a drone in Yemen in 2011. Later, drones would also kill Awlaki’s children. The rationale according to Obama was that Awlaki was dangerous because he was preaching hate to young Muslim men, who in turn would exercise violence against America. Rumours are that Awlaki was indirectly involved with the 9/11 attack. The media said he was a jihadi as far back as the 1990s. They say that when he was in Washington, DC, he used the services of a prostitute. They tell such stories to imply that he was a hypocrite, and did not really care about Islam; he just cared about violence because the act itself excited him.

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The Other Side

Before I begin my actual discussion of Awlaki, let me explain something first. Amphiist does not condone any sort of violence whatsoever. No one knows for sure who was responsible behind the scenes for 9/11. I don’t believe Bush was. I don’t think he is so evil as to send thousands of people to their death for political reasons. Whoever planned it will get the reward all murderers receive in the next life.

However, the media plays favourites and has enemies. Awlaki is one such convenient enemy. They tell about his prostitutes because they do not understand that Middle Eastern men have very high sex drives. If Awlaki indeed visited prostitutes, it’s to his credit, not his detriment. It shows he’s a real man, only. articles which discuss how he he is a terrorist are even forced to admit that there is no record of his exercising violence himself. He was born in America (New Mexico) and it was unconstitutional to have him killed, particularly as there was never any proof that those who committed violence did so at his encouragement. He was a convenient scapegoat for Western media. Many examples of Awlaki’s celebrating the life of the Prophet Mohammed and his companions exist. This man is far more complicated than the biased Western media would suggest. He should never have been killed.

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