Amphiist 76: Where Trump is right but for the wrong reason

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Amphiist (76): Where Trump is right but for the wrong reason

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September 13, 2018                             Today in the…

Natural Aristocrat, Emotionally Intelligent, Woke, Self-Actualized

Mainstream media perspective

The mainstream press will never give Donald Trump, President of the United States, any credit whatsoever. Even if he were to construct an economy better than any in the past, they would still say there are more important things in life. They are right, but this condemnation of the man without any sense of nuance does the world a disservice, not just him.


The Other Side

The reason why we all suffer from the lack of nuance directed at Trump is because ironically enough, there is a point of similarity between the world view of altright racists and Muslims, for example. We wouldn’t expect this, given the racism of the altright. But both groups hate it when the US intervenes for purposes of regime change in countries like Iraq and Syria. The altright hate it for the wrong reason, however. While Muslims understandably loathe American imperialism and colonialism, and decry the devastation wrought upon their countries by needless violence, the altright’s perspective is far more selfish. They put America first at the expense of the rest of the globe. They don’t care about innocent brown lives, including those of children; they just don’t see the financial benefit of fighting ‘wars’ that are not in their own national interest.

Still, it’s interesting that these two positions connect so perfectly. The Amphiist is against any and all violence. It’s against regime change because Americans pretend it’s for the purpose of spreading democracy when in actuality, it’s about oil. Somehow the countries that have no oil never commit human rights abuses that offend the US. Funny, that! And incredibly sad.

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