Making jokes about the Pope, Mohammed…do we no longer have any manners or respect for the sacred?

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I think it’s a shame that so many people are making jokes about the new Pope. Whether someone is a member of the Catholic church or not, the Pope is a symbol of God. Yes, individuals in the Catholic church, including high-ranking ones, have done very bad things. Is there a church or religious organization, or human being on this earth, of whom this cannot be said? This is just as bad, in my opinion, as the disgusting cartoons that depicted Mohammed, the Muslim prophet, in an unflattering light. We live in an extremely secular world, and although I understand the disillusionment with some aspects of religion, certain things should not be joked about, or treated lightly. The Pope is for many people a representative of God. If we do not believe the Pope is that representative, then the least we can do is to afford others the dignity of believing it. We need a bit more shame in our society. People used to have manners. Is nothing sacred now?

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