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Issue 3: June 5 , 2016

There’s a choice each of us needs to make

To have control over our emotions or not to …

I’d have already reached my full potential if I knew how

I’d see both sides of the issues

Appreciate ALL of the world’s cultures

I’d expose traditional media

I’d find out what’s up with the Illuminati

I’d be like the men who created America, and work hard to be good

Rather than being born to greatness

I’d overcome my wildest desires, celebrate my conscience, and develop my ability to balance both

I’d fight for liberty

If I had unlimited potential, I’d? …

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Syrian refugees and Fort McMurray

Oh, no! Not another story about refugees raping European women and civilization ending! You’re in luck. This is a true story about Syrian refugees helping people in the country who, under Trudeau, welcomed them in because we understand how awful the conditions are in Syria, due to the civil war that some people believe America helped start. Syrian refugees understand, perhaps more than anyone, what it’s like to lose everything, as CBC has reported. Find their story at this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/syrian-refugees-in-edmonton-step-up-to-help-fort-mcmurray-fire-evacuees-1.3581122

60 Syrian refugees have donated what comes to several thousands of dollars for the people who have suffered from the horrible fires. People working together…that’s what life is all about!

Dating Culture in Dubai and Utah, USA

In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, a common thing to do is to go to the Dubai mall. I’m a private tutor for international students, and one of my students told me that often when a man tries to flirt with a girl in the mall, she will go outside and look at his car to see how nice it is. I thought that was cute.

In Utah, which is a state in the United States, Mormons go on missions to everywhere in the world, almost. Men, when they are 19, go as missionaries for two years to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ (which means that Mormons are Christians). The full name of the Mormon church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When the men return home at the age of 21, they are in demand from the Mormon women who are around that age. Going on a mission is considered every young man’s duty, as long as he’s healthy and able-bodied. He will have a hard time finding a date if he is not a returned missionary, or RM. It carries a lot of social value with it.

One World Order

The Arabic word ummah means worldwide community. If you are Muslim, then you are automatically part of this community. They do not have the highest loyalty to a country. Their highest loyalty is to Islam, and Muhammad. I thought this was interesting, because in the Western world, we often hear about the Illuminati, and how one of that organization’s plans is to create a one world order, or new world order, a globalist state. Usually, it’s spoken of in a bad way, but what if it’s good? Doesn’t it sound good to be part of a community that’s worldwide? It doesn’t have to be Muslim. What if Christians worldwide felt part of a Christian community? Would that strengthen us as Christians?

Founding Fathers of America

One of the criticisms in this modern age is that so few people know history. I have heard imams (the Muslim version of a Christian priest) say that it is a shame that so many Islamic youth don’t know who the caliphs are that continued the religion after the death of Muhammad. In the same way, it’s common on Western television shows and on mass media for older people to say how awful it is that young people are so uneducated about who their country’s leaders are. Worldwide, there seems to be a trend toward young people not knowing their history, and it is very dangerous. How can we know who we are if we don’t know who we’ve been? How can we know ourselves as individuals if we don’t understand the community of which we form a part?

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Justin Trudeau

Because of people’s obsession with political parties, people have knee-jerk reactions if they discover that someone is conservative or liberal. But there aren’t often that many differences between politicians these days, even if they are from different parties, if we are talking about conservatives and liberals. A knee-jerk reaction is when someone hears something and they have an immediate opinion without even really thinking about it. Since they don’t think, it’s a very bad thing. Stephen Harper in Canada was the Prime Minister before Trudeau. Harper is very unpopular with most people. And Trudeau with most people is hugely popular. Yet on many issues such as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), their positions are very similar.

It’s impossible to say whether individual politicians are sincere or not. If we don’t know them personally, then we’re only guessing based on our own biases and experience. At the same time, it’s important for people to realize that regardless of which political party is in power, not much changes for the average citizen.

Think about sanctions. This word means that a government punishes another government by saying that there can be no trade between the two countries. The main people who are hurt by this are not the leaders. They continue to live in luxury. No, sanctions hurt the average person. I remember several of my Persian students (Iranian citizens) telling me that their fathers were suffering financially because their small businesses were hurt as a result of the sanctions.

Don’t be misled by the fact that politicians are from different political parties. They often have the same political stands on issues, because there are people behind them, controlling them, according to some.

9/11 and Emotional Intelligence

There are all kinds of conspiracy theories around these days. Some make sense, while others don’t. I don’t believe that there are constantly celebrities like Michael Jackson dying at the hands of the Illuminati, but I certainly feel like there’s a global elite who controls world events. There are two things main to consider when we look at what happened on September 11, 2001. One is whether or not it was an inside job. Conspiracy theorists feel like George W. Bush, then President of the United States, worked with the terrorists to bring down the Twin Towers so that he could institute martial law and invade citizens’ privacy by implementing the Patriot Act, which effectively spies on American citizens, and helps to rob them of their freedom. This is the classic problem-reaction-solution strategy that I wrote about last week. The problem is terrorism. The reaction is that the average person feels like something needs to be done in order to make them safer. The solution, proposed by the government, is to take away civil liberties so that people will be safer, or at least that is what the government pretends. That is one of the most common conspiracy theories that exists now.

It’s hard to believe, of course, that President Bush would be so evil as to sacrifice thousands of American lives just to do things that he could probably do another way, which would not involve the sacrifice of so many lives. On the other hand, politicians do not enjoy a great reputation. No one knows what’s in the heart of President Bush except for him, but it’s true that some conspiracy theories have later been validated or shown to be true by later facts which have come out. It does seem as though someone would slip up with such a conspiracy, since it seems like a lot of people would have to know about it beforehand. But who knows? I haven’t made up my mind.

It’s possible that Bush didn’t know what was going to happen, but the global elite did. It’s always easier to blame an abstract elite, rather than someone whose kind face we have seen repeatedly on our television screens and in our newspapers for years.

Another issue that we should consider when thinking about 9/11 is that some people feel as though the country deserves it. Personally, I don’t think there is ever a reason for violence, because it satisfies no real purpose. All it does is create more violence. If radical Muslims perpetrated 9/11 to get back at America for that country’s involvement in the Middle East over oil, then the 9/11 attack didn’t really solve anything. America’s retaliation in the form of killing Osama bin Laden didn’t really solve anything. The term for this is ‘blowback.’ This means that someone commits an act of violence against someone else, and the cycle just repeats over and over again. We should negotiate with people who want to hurt us. We should be emotionally intelligent. The way to solve the problem with ISIS is to encourage them not to be violent, but ask them what they want. Of course, asking them what they want is pointless if they’re not a real group, if they are a group of people used as puppets of various governments so that more wars can be fought, so the global elite can make billions of more dollars funding both sides.


Did you know that one year saw 3 British kings? The first was George V, who died at the beginning of the year. The second one was Edward VIII. He gave up the throne of England as King when he decided to marry an American woman named Wallis Simpson. It was very romantic, according to some, because he gave up a lot of power as King in order to be with the woman he loved. Others think that maybe the Illuminati was involved in setting up the next King, Edward’s brother, George VI. George VI’s wife, known after his death as the Queen Mother, was much loved by the British. She and her husband did a lot of good work during World War 2. Their daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, is still on the throne today. Many people feel that there should be an end to the monarchy (the rule of law where there are kings and queens), while others say that they bring in a lot of tourist money to the country.

How did Western culture get to where we are today?

Television in the 1970s

Last week, I talked about how in the 1920s, because of the real-life scandals that took place among the Hollywood stars, like with Fatty Arbuckle, a famous comedian of the time. Television became important in the 1950s, and is one of the reasons why people stopped going to the movies. Saturday night in the early 1970s has been called the best night for television, ever. We had All in the Family (about a funny bigot who said things that would never be allowed today), MASH (a comedy that was shot like a movie and had a lot to say about the horrors of war, especially the one fought in Vietnam), The Mary Tyler Moore Show (about a young, newly divorced woman, which was revolutionary for the time), The Bob Newhart Show (about a psychiatrist and his family), and The Carol Burnett Show (possibly the funniest sketch show of all time, because of the talent of all of the series regulars; Tim Conway, Vicki Lawrence, and Harvey Korman). Conway joined halfway through the run of the series, and it became must-watch television!

The Waltons and the Little House on the Prairie were two other shows that people loved. They showed family values, and were the favourite shows of Ronald and Nancy Reagan. These shows celebrated the agricultural way of life, and the country way of life. I think one of the reasons our current culture in such a mess is that we moved away from an agricultural society to an industrial society. The Industrial Revolution really hurt us in a lot of ways, although there are advantages to everything.

Nowadays, families in Western culture don’t sit around the table talking. Everyone eats separately a lot, and has their heads down into their cell phones. This is what the global elite wants, because individuals are much stronger if they are a part of close-knit families.

Three’s Company and Charlie’s Angels were also very popular in the late ’70s. These shows began to be criticized as being too sexual. The critics called them “jiggle tv’ means the sexy women’s bodies jiggled, like the bodies of Farrah Fawcett-Majors and Suzanne Somers. Of course, looking back at these shows today, it’s hard to see why people were upset. Still, one thing leads to another.

Elvis Presley is one of the most famous rock-n-roll singers of all time. He was famous for his dance moves, which included thrusting his pelvis on stage. Some people said this was no big deal, while others feared that it would just lead to more sex. And they were right. Conservatives are often mocked for being too focused on morals and values, but sometimes conservatives are right! Nowadays, music is so over-produced, and there is not much individuality in the performances anymore. We used to have singers. Now we have performers.


Bollywood. Not Hollywood, but Bollywood. Bollywood is India’s version of Hollywood. Chetan Bhagat is the most popular Indian writer who writes in English. He is popular because he writes about youth, and their dreams. Recently, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, there was a celebration called Jashan, where there was a lot of dancing and people socializing, celebrating the Indian culture.

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A lot of people, when they talk about the current Presidential election in America, say how there is little difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This is true. But I wish the media spent more time on Ron Paul and his son Rand Paul. The political party known as Libertarian is the one that is closes to celebrating the ideals of the American Constitution. I encourage anyone who is interested in the American election and the issue of liberty, to Google these names and see what these men are fighting for. Some of the things they believe are that America should not be the world’s policeman, and be interfering in Middle Eastern issues, and fighting wars which are not in America’s national interest, reading bills before they are signed by Congress, limited government, decentralized power of government, which means more power for the individual states, and as much freedom as possible for the individual.

Media bias

Have you noticed that the media reports the same type of story differently, depending on the race of the main person in the story? A white person who shoots a group of people is a mentally ill individual. A brown or black guy who shoots a group of people is a terrorist. Something to think about…


This is one of the quotes that I came up with myself. Fill in the blanks to get the full quote. The answer will be in next week’s edition.

Last week’s answer: The police are sometimes wrong. Criminals are always wrong.

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