What happened on 9/11? Has the mystery been solved? Did a conspiracy really occur?

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In September 1991, George H.W. Bush and a group of financial experts involved in the security brokerage industry financed a quarter of a trillion dollar project entitled Project Hammer. This was right after the Cold War ended. The main agenda was to take economic advantage of Russia’s weakened state due to losing the Cold War. American industrialists bought a lot of Russian oil and gas companies. One of the interesting aspects of this video is that the Russian central bank was used in the Western agenda. I say this is interesting because of the long history of corruption in which central banks have been involved, robbing people of their freedom. This central bank issue is fascinating, as is the history of the Federal Reserve in the United States, which many people do not realize is merely a glorified central bank. Rumours have circulated for years by conspiracy theorists that the Federal Reserve is the reason for America’s economic ruin that has become progressively worse ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve right before World War I (see a connection?). Anyway, back to the video: Securities backing this agenda would come due in ten years-in September 2001, on the 12th day—one day after the 9/11 tragedy. Certain departments, such as the Office of Naval Intelligence, and this is one of the departments that was destroyed on 9/11. Cantor/Fitzgerald and Eurobrokers were two securities firms that lost a lot of employees in the 9/11 attacks, and they were part of the signatories involved in Operation Hammer, connected with when the securities payments would fall due. The El Dorado Task Group was a money laundering watchdog group, and their offices were destroyed by an explosion which occurred on September 11, before the plane hit the towers.


This video posits that something had to happen so that these 240 billion dollar securities would not be investigated. A securities chaos had to occur. The towers needed to be ruined so that the relevant documents would be destroyed.


Not everyone subscribes to the theory proposed in this video, however. If you check out the comments beneath the first part of the video, you will see that some people take issue with the content of the video. At least one commenter is skeptical that the government would be able to put together such a grand conspiracy and asks the question, “Wouldn’t you be more skeptical if the 9/11 commission report had answered any and all questions?” According to this commenter, that would have been even more suspicous.


To be sure, there are always two sides to every story. Other commenters say that if someone understands science and watches the video of what actually occurred on 9/11, that they will see that the evidence demonstrates that there is no way that the buildings could have collapsed the way the government pretends.


As always, this blog does not take a stand either way; it merely tries to provoke thought and engender discussion on what may have happened on that horrific day.


Source: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/911-conspiracy-solved/





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