Was Franklin D. Roosevelt surprised by Pearl Harbour? Was there a conspiracy?

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An article I found when I was looking through articles on the John Birch Society webpage states that the government knew about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour before it happened. The reason for this, according to http://www.jbs.org/home/pearl-harbor-hawaii-was-surprised-fdr-was-not, is that the government wanted to incite the public so that it would want America to enter the Second World War.


Because Americans only hesitatingly became involved in the First World War and suffered enormous casualties as a result, they were not initially eager to involve themselves in what they again perceived as a foreign war in which they had no valid involvement. However, the Pearl Harbour attack changed public opinion to a certain extent. Because Roosevelt had to be politically smart, he pretended to oppose involvement in the war, but behind the scenes, he was orchestrating events that would have a result opposite to what was desired by the majority of the American public.


America, under Roosevelt’s leadership, acted as a provocateur against Germany, trying to incite Hitler. However, Hitler remembered well how Germany’s success was severely compromised by American power in the previous world war, and he was not eager for a repeat performance. Roosevelt was acting in concert with Winston Churchill, a man he greatly admired. Alliances, of course, are of notorious importance in all conflicts between countries. In this case, since Germany was not rising to Roosevelt’s bait, he transferred his attention to Japan, and this time of course, history demonstrates that he was successful.


But you know what I found most interesting? This article’s mention of the Office of Naval Intelligence. My article from yesterday (https://jaclynhollandstrauss.com/2013/05/14/what-happened-on-911-has-the-mystery-been-solved-did-a-conspiracy-theory-really-occur/) also mentions this department in the context of Project Hammer and how it was one of the departments destroyed on 9/11. All very interesting stuff! What do you think? 

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