Nevada shooting: Illuminati false flag? Some questions about what happened in Sparks Middle School

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The recent school shooting in Sparks Middle School in Nevada has raised some questions for me that I think are very interesting. For one thing, the article I’m sourcing here mentions that the shooter shot himself in the head. Obviously someone who does something like this has mental issues, but my question is whether or not he was being treated for them. And if the Illuminati is involved, does that mean that he was coached to take his own life so that after the fact he did not mention the Illuminati as being responsible?


I wonder, if it is true if this was a false flag perpetrated by the Illuminati, what form the coaching takes. I know that pedophiles often target young victims who are vulnerable, perhaps with no father in the picture. I wonder if something similar happens here. Obviously, a kid with two healthy, well adjusted parents is probably not going to turn out to be a mass shooter, but I’m not implying for a moment that it’s the parent’s fault. The sins of the children cannot always be blamed on the parents, I don’t think.


Another question I have about this article and the implications of it that it raises is: If the Illuminati really is behind this (and I’m not at all sure that it is), then why would they convince the police to charge the parents for being negligent with their gun? I believe that if there are Illuminati coaches involved in this, I believe they would not only coach the killer, but also the police so that they would know what to do in such a situation. Otherwise, there seems to be no point. If the main message of the situation is not that guns are bad and should be confiscated from people, or that gun laws should be tighter, thereby disarming the civilians, then what would the purpose of it all be? That’s what confuses me.


Another thing that I find interesting about this article is that something distracted the boy when he was shooting. Was it a message in an earpiece with a message from the Illuminati? That seems far fetched, but I guess that is part of my point. If the Illuminati was indeed behind this, it makes sense to me that there would need to be some kind of earpiece for the shooter; otherwise, the Illuminati coaches would have no way of monitoring the ongoing situation. It’s all very fascinating. If indeed the Illuminati is behind this, then it is particularly awful that a heroic teacher died at the hands of a crazed shooter who was an Illuminati puppet. Of course, regardless of whether or not the Illuminati was involved, we shouldn’t forget that the teacher dying represents a tragedy. But he definitely died a hero, regardless of any of the other issues in the tragedy.



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