Alesteir Crowley and the religion he founded for the Illuminati, Thelema

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In Britain recently internet service providers have been instructed to censor esoteric materials, or as I like to call them, truth. Filters will gut out pornography, etc. A champion of the esoteric was Alesteir Crowley, the founder of Thelema, a religion and political system. He believed that people should live and let live. Under his system, drugs would be perfectly legal. People should have the right to smoke marijuana, for example. Crowley believed in equality. Everyone has equal rights but everyone is at the same time different. People should have equal opportunities. Our essence, according to Crowley, is that we are sovereign and have rights over ourselves.


The British censorship is disturbing. In France there has been a movement, as well as in Germany, to suppress new religious movements. This was motivated by the Church of Scientology and some problems in that area. This is surprising because traditionally the United Kingdom has favoured a wide variety of religions. Freemasonry will be affected by this new rule about censorship which will obviously include people assessing information about various new religions. Such would fall under the category of esoteric materials. It seems as though the British authorities are afraid of the truth. Freemasons now have to register officially with the police. This is totalitarian. When people are put on lists, that is a clear step in the wrong direction. Human rights activists have decried the illegality of this and there have been some changes made, but the work is not yet done. There have also been protests against this new stand on censorship of esoteric materials.


The interviewer points out that there is esoteric Islam, esoteric Buddhism, etc., and this will be endangered by this new government policy. The difference between libertarianism and Thelema is that with libertarianism you can be free from political interference, whereas Thelema practices a higher law of what do you want to be free to do, and the answer for Thelema is that you have to be free to do whatever you want. Morals are a waste of time. The debate that I am going to look into further is if we should do whatever we want, regardless of whether or not it hurts other people.





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