How Nevada is similar to Sandy Hook; is Nevada an Illuminati false flag?

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There was a shooting at Sparks Middle School in Nevada yesterday. The shooter was a young man who shot himself. When these school shootings happen, whether here or at Sandy Hook, the gunman often shoots themselves. In this case, the shooter who appears to have acted alone, stole the handgun from his parents, raising the issue of gun control in the United States.


According to one of the eye-witnesses, the shooter was very nice. I am anxious to see if it comes out that he took drugs or had a mental disorder that had been treated by a doctor. In a lot of these school shootings, the gunman has been diagnosed previously with a disorder that requires him to take drugs.


An eyewitness to the crime and tragedy says that she thinks the victims who were wounded were friends of the gunman. This would obviously suggest that the motive was personal.


But is the Illuminati involved? It doesn’t seem like it because the hallmarks of other shootings that happen on a mass scale are not evident here, although I wouldn’t be surprised if I missed something. The conspiracy theorists, I’m sure, will be covering this, and if they don’t that will show too that they do not think the Illuminati is involved in this particular tragedy.



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