Alex Jones trial

Alex Jones is currently on trial and there are cameras in the courtroom. What’s he on trial for? Jones is a fake conspiracy theorist who has charged the people connected with Sandy Hook, New Jersey (the site of a lone wolf terrorist attack). He went so far as to say that everyone who pretends that Sandy Hook actually exists is a liar. There’s a conspiracy theory term, ‘crisis actors’. It means that people we see on the media at the time of a school shooting, or any major crisis, are actors who are paid to pretend that a tragic event occurred. The government sets these up, then puts into effect legislation designated to solve the particular problem. To protect ourselves from school shootings, we need to give up our guns, so the reasoning goes. It’s called problem-reaction-solution, with the problem being too many innocent people dying, reaction is people wanting more gun control with the solution being the actual gun control. It all sounds very neat but it seems as though if the government puts that much thought into things, wouldn’t gun control laws be far more strict than they currently are?

The trial isn’t going well for Alex Jones. In a blog I wrote at the time of the tragedy, I said that people like Jones were making the families of Sandy Hook victims suffer twice, the first time because of the shooting’s victims, and second, because Jones was denying their right to grieve by pretending that no children were killed. He has a lot to answer for. He is being sued for tens of million of dollars (around $40M) for the emotional pain and suffering he’s caused. Like with anything, an idea can have merit but if we take it too far, we can land into trouble. This is an example of that. There is no doubt that the government in any country cannot always be trusted and probably all of them do things that if the average person did them, we would be in heavy trouble, perhaps even in prison. But that doesn’t mean they make up entire geographical regions in order to trick the masses. It occurred to me that perhaps Alex Jones is paid to be so outlandish, so that conspiracy theories that actually are true are dismissed like Sandy Hook conspiracy theories are, partially due to Jones’s ridiculous theories. But I’m not sure if he loses $43M that it’d be worth it for him, so who knows? Maybe he’s just an idiot. Think of it this way: People who live near Sandy Hook know whether or not such a place exists. Either they would ask each other in confusion, “Where is this Sandy Hook? I’ve never heard of it before!” or else they would be totally familiar with it and think Jones is crazy. All it would take is a handful of people who live in the nearby area to go on television and announce that no such place exists, and that would blow the conspiracy out of the water. It would be impossible for the government to maintain the pretence that there was such a place, and especially that there was a school shooting in the fictional place, if it didn’t really exist. Real free porn movies online porn USA, UK, AU, Europe. I think the government is not going to take such a chance! But I don’t believe that Jones really believes will take such a chance. He wishes to sell merchandise, which he succeeds at by all accounts. I’ve heard the figure of $800,000 a day regarding what the alleged confidence trickster makes. But maybe that’s a conspiracy theory, too…


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