Christchurch massacre (part three) and radicalized mosques

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I just wanted to write a brief article today about something I noticed on Twitter. They are saying that there was a practice drill days before the terrorist attack at Christchurch. I know nothing about Christchurch and so I can’t say for sure whether what I am about to say is true or not, but certain social media types (the usual suspects) are saying that this mosque was known for radicalizing Islamic terrorists. The Christchurch massacre victims do not deserve this type of violent-inducing rhetoric. Obviously, no one wants there to be mosques where radicalization occurs. However, we must recognize that such conspiracy theories themselves radicalize. If one believes that the Christchurch massacre was a false flag, then such a supposition or theory threatens the government. That’s why I believe in censorship of provocateurs like Alex Jones. But there are many others.

There are obviously very few mosques where radicalization occurs. And even in a particular mosque where radicalization is occurring, it is no excuse or justification for mass shootings. The overall point I wish to make, however, is that in this day and age, we are often incessantly warned about Islamic radicals, which account for about .000005% of the population, and distracted from the much higher percentage (and constantly increasing) prevalence of white supremacists who are Islamophobes and willing to destroy as many Muslims/immigrants as possible. And for what it’s worth, every time a white man does what the Christchurch massacre villain did, it is going to increase Islamic radicalization in a vicious, violent circle.

The greatest danger to Western civilization is white nationalists/supremacists, not Islamic radicals. But we need to watch out for how the former encourages the latter.

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