Christchurch massacre, Part Two (not a false flag)

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The Christchurch massacre has been referred to as a false flag by the usual suspects. One tweet I noticed was when someone said they had a picture that showed underneath the blurred photo of a man different from the published photo of the alleged terrorist. The assumption is that the powers-that-be hired someone to do the attack. Imagine the level of evil that someone has to be comfortable with to suppose that a government official (especially one as wonderful as the fabulous Jacinda Ardern) would contemplate such an evil act as arranging a murder of 50 or so innocent victims.

It reminds me of when people said 9/11 was an inside job, orchestrated by George W. Bush. Supposedly he did this as an excuse to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. These conspiracy theorists never explain why he wouldn’t just invade them, regardless of public opinion. American Presidents constantly do things that are against public opinion. Simply because they can. They don’t need to perform terrorist acts, or encourage terrorist acts, to do whatever they want. If he wanted to implement the Patriot Act for whatever reason, then he could have done it with no problem. Bush has his faults, and we have seen many of them, but he is not evil. One can tell by hearing him talk. And anyone who thinks Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, is evil enough to perpetuate a false flag must not be familiar with how wonderful she is. She is a perfect example of how wonderful it can be when women empathetically run a nation’s government. яндекс



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  1. ilene tupaea

    Not to be rude. But if you did your research on the so called ‘wonderful’ Jacinda…. you would discover that she is heavily involved with the Freemasons, who have been linked to MANY scandals across history. She also helped to whitewash pedophilia within the UK police force, which also had heavy masonic influence.
    Of course you would kiss her ass, she’s meant to be a wolf in sheep clothing. They purposely painted her out to be this so called saint, and plastered her face everywhere across the world.
    Funny how she pulled gun laws on the entire country, when in was an AUSTRALIAN who committed the act.
    It’s all apart of a much bigger agender. The aim was to restrict gun use within NZ. The government is slowly, but surely taking away our rights as citizens. Jacinda is nothing but a fucking puppet. You really think SHE runs this shit? hahahaha. She doesn’t, but she sure as hell knows what kind of propaganda she’s pushing out.
    this bitch studied public relations lol….that’s just a formal name for a professional bullshit artist.
    Learn your shit, instead of being like the rest of these brainwashed sheep.

    • Jaclyn Holland-Strauss

      Do you have proof of any of these accusations? I am not challenging you at all, just wondering if there’s a good book I can read on the subject.

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