Money, margin loans and mind control. Fascinating stuff!

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One cause of the American Revolution was that King George III stopped allowing the colonists to print their own currency. Therefore, they had to borrow the money they needed to run their colonies from the Bank of England, (which had been created in 1694). They also had to pay interest on the money they borrowed. The central bank controls interest rates, and it also controls inflation or money supply (inflation is not a rise in prices; it is increased circulation of a currency). Every dollar that the central bank lends comes with interest. The money used to pay this debt also comes from the central bank, so it increases the money supply. There is thus no way for the government or people to ever catch up. That is why the debt now is over 16 trillion dollars.


JP Morgan, one of the most powerful and wealthiest businessmen in America in the early 20th century, started rumours that the New York bank was close to being insolvent. This made people panic and a lot of them took their money out of the bank (in 1907). The instability that this produced meant that the desire for a central bank became stronger on the part of the people, which of course is what Morgan intended all along. In 1910, Morgan and other bankers wrote the Federal Reserve Act on Jekyll Island. In 1913, Woodrow Wilson became President and he promised, in return for political contributions, to pass into law the Federal Reserve Act. He later regretted this action once he saw the damage it caused. It was only 16 years later when bankers caused the Great Depression, in 1929.


A new kind of loan, the margin loan, had been created in the few years before the Depression hit. A person could buy a stock by paying only 10% of the stock’s value, with the other 90% being lent to the investor by the broker. Therefore, a person could own $1,000 worth of stock, but only pay $100 out of their own pocket. However, the disadvantage to the margin loan is that it could be called in at any time, and the full amount of the loan had to be paid within 24 hours. In 1929, the bankers left the market, but simultaneously called in the margin loans. People could not pay; bankruptcies ensued. Banks collapsed, and there was an increasing monopoly for banks, which of course gave them a lot more power.


Who are the Bilderberg Group? In 1954, they met in Bilderberg, Holland. Their goal was to create the European Union. The group consists of the 150 most powerful people in the world. The media does not report this because the media elite are part of the Bilderberg Group; an example is Katharine Graham, who owned The Washington Post.


There are plans to create a currency common to North America. Under the North American Union, the North American counterpart to the European Union, the new currency will be the Amero. After this union takes place, along with an Asian Union, etc., the several unions will then be combined to form one world union, over which the central banks will exercise complete control. States will cease to exist, as will sovereignty.


Wars are a positive thing in the eyes of international bankers because they profit so much from it since countries fighting have to get deeper in debt with their central banks. The attack on Pearl Harbour was known about beforehand; in fact, they were provoked to do what they did. Roosevelt made very aggressive statements toward Japan and finally it did attack Pearl Harbour. Before the attack, Americans did not want to be involved in the Second World War. After the attack, one million men volunteered to fight the war for America.


One of form of mind control is the problem/reaction situation. Create a problem. Make sure someone else is blamed for it. Then public opinion will demand that something be done. Then they lose their rights. If you want more camera in the streets, more police around, and you want the public to demand it, then get the public frightened of crime. Emphasize crime to be worse than it is. Fear makes people want to be protected from what they’re afraid of. People will demand that you take their freedom away. One specific way the government controls its people is through tracking devices, items that are already in every new electronic passport issued in America. The government will be able to monitor your every move with this RFID technology. GPS devices that you can hide in your teenager’s wristwatch is one step toward this monitoring program. Kidnappings of children that have become famous, like the situation with Elizabeth Smart, have framed public opinion to the extent that it now seems desirable that people be monitored constantly. This is a classic example of problem/reaction situations.


Popular culture has become increasingly dumbed down, vapid and shallow, like the Kardashian reality shows, so that we will be distracted from the issues that really matter in politics, economics, etc. If we do not focus on the material I have written about above, then we will be more easily led by the power elite.



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