Why was President John F Kennedy assassinated? The Illuminati!

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Summary of http://www.globalreport2010.com/globalwatchspecialreport.pdf


Why was President John F. Kennedy assassinated? According to this website, it is because he signed Executive Order 11110, the substance of which is that the Federal Reserve would soon no longer be able to lend money at interest. In other words, the central banks who own the Federal Reserve would stand to lose millions upon millions of dollars. The article centres around the question: How much does President Obama know about the New World Order, this conglomerate of evildoers whose only god is money?


On the American dollar bill, there is a Masonic symbol of the Pyramid of Power. Interestingly, almost all of the Founding Fathers, according to this article, were members of the Freemasonry. At the top of the pyramid of power sit the central bankers and other Illuminati who control the economic system of the United States, as well as other countries. People lower in the hierarchy of the pyramid are known as workers. The article asks the question of whether or not President Obama, as a worker, lower down in the pyramid, is not privy to all of the information accessed by the power brokers at the top of the pyramid. Barack Obama’s succeeding to the United States Presidency was appealing to the New World Order because of his mutli-racial, and multi-cultural heritage. The fact that his father was a non-practicing Muslim and he was educated in Indonesia, the largest Muslim populated country in the world, makes people wonder on which side Obama will settle when he makes his decisions. Middle Eastern Muslims also wonder, and the confusion that this creates helps divide and conquer Muslims, which represents a favourable state of affairs for the New World Order. The fact that there is so much oil in the Middle East region helps to explain why the Illuminati is so interested in that part of the world. Also, although the article does not mention this, the fact that practicers of Islam do not believe in the charging of interest on loans strikes at the very heart of how the Illuminati, through the Federal Reserve, have made billions of dollars over the last century.


Albert Pike, a leading member of the Illuminati, wrote about a plan to create a New World Order by the occurrence of 3 world wars. The goal of the first world war was to gain control over Russia and the czars. The goal of the second world war was to create a state of Israel in Palestine. The goal of the third world war is to disillusion the masses with Christianity, to ready the world to worship the devil. This will be accomplished through the mutual destruction of the warring Islamic world and Israel.


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