Dajjal, one-eyed force: Is it the Illuminati, scapegoat for Satan?

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There will be a regathering of Israel in 2018, according to this website. This was counterfeited in the 1940s by Satan because he is never about anything real; he is always a distorted mirror of reality. He fakes. The Holocaust was a Satanic method of making white people feel guilty about how the Jews were treated. The reason for this is that white guilt led to the overthrow of traditional culture in the 1960s and 1970s, especially after the American Vietnam war. The idea is to demonize white people and to build up attraction and sympathy for Muslims.


However, my problem with this is: why then is the media so racist when it comes to Muslims? And why would the Satanist Illuminati engineer 9/11 which made Muslims look bad in the eyes of the general public practically worldwide?


The article offers the opinion that the Islamic Jesus is the same as the Christian Jesus. He says that Islam is a religion of Satan. The AntiChrist in Islam has one eye and is referred to as Dajjal. The Illuminati also has one eye. According to this article, the Illuminati is little more than a scapegoat, meant to distract people from the real Satan that will destroy the entire world.


According to this site, the Dajjal will use upcoming false flag attacks to demonize the Illuminati so that Muslims will see Satan as their protector so that the whites, the Lost Tribes, will be kept out of heaven. Because Mecca and Medina are so protected, Syria will be the next target of choice. I will be writing more about this over the next few days because I honestly don’t understand everything (but I know I don’t agree with everything).


Source: http://johnthewitness.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/the-satanic-agenda-behind-the-death-of-princess-diana/

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  1. Mohammad

    You got most of it right, some pathetic plan to enslave the universe under Dajjals rule, the promised savoir of the so called elite “Illuminati”. A little bit of research will indeed prove that the jewish society is trying to orchestrate a mass event by 2018. They already have control over the biggest media platforms, thus controling peoples mind. Just look at this link attached of Eminem, it’s pretty nasty how they subliminally try to influence the youth with their satanic garbage.

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