The controversial interview with Alex Jones and Piers Morgan summarized

Piers Morgan conducted an interview with Alex Jones a few nights ago, and it has ignited a considerable amount of controversy. According to Jones, the 2nd Amendment does not refer to duck hunting; it refers to the right American citizens have to defend themselves against the tyranny of the government. He points out that the women of India are petitioning to be able to have firearms, because of the recent gang rape incident where nothing was done to the man who was accused of raping five women. The woman was raped with an iron rod. Jones also said that in Britain around 15 or 16 years ago, the British passed a law that severely limited guns, and the crime rate lowered. Jones told Morgan directly, “1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!” He said this because Morgan feels that there should be a ban on assault weapons. Morgan believes that while this will not solve the entire problem of gun violence, it is at least a step in the right direction. Jones has created a petition to have Morgan deported because Jones does not feel that as a British citizen, Morgan should be trying to take Americans’ guns away from them.


I thought the most interesting part of the interview, or perhaps it could more accurately be referred to as a tirade on the part of Jones, was when Jones mentioned Prozac and how it was responsible for many suicides, which is the leading cause of unnatural death in the States, according to Jones. Morgan immediately interrupted Jones, and Jones found this important, because Prozac is a sponsor of CNN (that is what Jones implied). I think Jones has a good point here. We all know that the television stations receive a lot of money from the pharmaceutical industry. I am convinced, as are many others, that the drug companies line their own pockets at the expense of the people. However, Jones’ good points were kind of lost because of his general boorishness.


Jones pointed at Piers, and told him that drugs like Prozac cause crazy people to kill in mass shootings. My thought on this is that it would be interesting to have a drug history of the perpretators of the Aurora, Portland, and Newtown shootings, among others. Is Prozac a common element? I am not sure.


Morgan asked Jones how many gun deaths there were in America last year. Jones replied that there were 11,458, and almost 200,000 died of infections in hospitals.


They then discuss the various types of guns that have been used in the various high-profile shootings. Semi-automatic weapons are the guns of choice when it comes to such tragedies, Morgan pointed out. Jones said that just because there are criminals, it does not mean he loses his rights. He also says that while these weapons are used in these mass shootings, they account for very few of the 11,000 murders that take place in America each year.


What do you think about this important issue? 

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