Ry Dawson: Iran not a nuclear threat, Zionists practicing racial colonization like Nazis, Illuminati not responsible for Iraq war.

Ry Dawson in a YouTube video, found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssxEvQNa16E&feature=youtu.be, criticizes the famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on a variety of issues.


As the video begins, Jones is explaining that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map. According to Dawson, this is not so. Ahmadinejad has instead threatened to erase the Zionist pages from history. Dawson points out that Zionism is a political ideology, not a location, and so therefore it would not make sense for anyone to refer to wiping it off the map.


Dawson also accuses Jones of ignoring the fact that there is an Israeli occupation going on in Palestine, and that the reason Hamas launched rockets in October was a response to Israeli aggression against many civilians. Racial colonization is the term that Dawson uses to categorize what Israel, under the direction of Benjamin Netanyahu, is doing to Palestine. Also, Dawson points out that Ahmadinejad is only a figurehead for Iranian power; the real control is exercised by the Ayatollah or Supreme Leader. This leader says that nuclear weapons are against Islam, and it is this leader who controls the Iranian military.


Israel has bombed bedrooms in residential homes with missiles, not just rockets. The battle is extremely one-sided, Dawson asserts. Israel is wiping Palestinians off the map, not Ahmadinejad.


It is not the Illuminati who planned the war in Iraq. It was people, actual employees, in the Defense Department of the United States. It was the Office of Special Plans. Dawson then makes what I think is one of his best points. Israelis represent a very small percentage of the population in the Middle East. Tiny Israel has to defend itself, when in actual fact, size of land does not equate to the amount of racial colonization that is occurring. Britain is a small island and we all know how much colonizing they did from that small land space. Israel is practicing racial supremacy, just as the Nazis did. Zionism is not Judaism.


In the video’s conclusion, Dawson ridicules Jones for saying that his biggest problem with Israel is the fact that the country is anti-2nd amendment. He says that Jones should be a little more concerned with the enormous number of civilian deaths it is responsible for.


This was a remarkable video. Dawson has hundreds of videos. I think I will be busy in the near future!

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