Men, women and sex!

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In my opinion, men and women have different roles that are dictated by biology. Although I am going to be specific in this blog, I am not trying to be vulgar. But I do think there are specific biological realities that are very basic that I have to discuss in order to successfully make my point. To illustrate this point, according to the reproductive cycle, men’s sperm chase the women’s ovum. It does not happen the other way around. This tells us a couple of things. Women should not pursue men directly and openly. It works against biology. Physically, men are much stronger than women. That is another biological reality. It therefore follows that men should be responsible for more work than women. Women often act like it is ridiculous to think that women should stay home for when their children return home from school. Or they say it is imperative from an economic standpoint that they remain in the workplace to make ends meet. However, it is my belief that just as it makes sense for a man to want a woman who is physically attractive to that man, it is also permissible and downright wise for a woman to want a man who is financially attractive to that woman. When a woman decides to marry, one of the criteria should definitely be how well he can provide for their future family. Jobs are very hard to come by, so sometimes it is necessary for both parties to a marriage to work. But this should be a last resort, rather than a societal norm. It should be seen as an emergency, not as an automatic life choice. A man wanting to marry a woman who is physically attractive to him is not superficial, and a woman wanting to marry a man who has money does not make her a gold digger.


Since it takes so many sperm to fertilise ovum in order to make children, it stands to reason that there is a biological urge on the part of men to release as much sperm as possible. This perhaps is one reason why men prefer to be so sexually active. Another notion that invites ridicule these days is that a woman has a responsibility to have sex with her husband as much as possible so that he does not cheat. However, what others in our modern society term ridiculous, I call common, good sense. Another advantage to women not spending too much time in the workplace is that they will not be too tired to satisfy their husband’s sexual needs. When we marry, we are supposed to become one. If either men or women focus too much on working outside the home, the family unit is going to be disrupted.


In my opinion, the secret to a happy marriage is the woman doing all she can to provide sexual fulfillment to her husband so that he does not cheat, and for the man doing all he can to provide emotional fulfillment to his wife so that she does not cheat. Of course, there are exceptions, and some women want sex more than some men, but I am talking about general principles. Once we sort that out, then we can concentrate on individual exceptions.

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