Have you heard about the Illuminati playing cards?

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These cards were released in 1995. People who believe in the Illuminati point to these cards of proof of the existence of this secret society, because several of the card depict images that have later turned out to be reality. What do you think?


The secret master card refers to the Illuminati. There is an elite group of people, a secret society, that controls the world through economics, politics, etc. The Nobel Peace Prize and Backlash cards depict the story of a darker-skinned man receiving the prize, and suffering a backlash because of a popular belief that he does not deserve the prize. These cards were released many years before President Barack Obama received a Nobel Peace Prize.


There is another card, and it is entitled Feminists. The point of this card is to show that the Illuminati are instigating a gender war, under the general principle of divide and conquer.


There is card called Hackers. It talks about how the Chinese regularly hack into American companies so that it can have a competitive advantage over them with regard to technology. Iran has stolen nuclear secrets from drones.


Emergency Power is another card. It is also known as Martial Law, and this card makes the point that the United States has never left war status after the end of World War II (1945). This reminded me of the Executive Order that President Obama may soon be issuing about restricting the use of semi-automatic weapons, because of the emergency/tragedy of Newtown, Connecticut, etc.


Another card has the word ‘England’ printed on the top of it. In this section, Prince Philip is quoted as saying about he wishes for depopulation. The Illuminati want fewer people on earth, because then they will be easier to control.


On the card Video Mode, there is an image depicted of something that looks like the Twin Towers after a plane flew into them.


Drug companies, the title of another card, make the connection between pharmaceutical companies making money off disease, and also realizing the benefit of depopulating the earth for the reason described above (it is easier to control fewer people).


Oil spill is on another card. Perhaps this refers to the oil spill that happened a few years ago, the one caused by British Petroleum?


World War III is on another card. In this section, it is explained that the United States wants to dominate the world, but Russia and China especially will resist this. This will be a catalyst for the eventual war.


Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eelIdUjVfTA

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