Amphiist 2: Be a globalist, not a white nationalist

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Amphiist 2: Be a globalist, not a white nationalist

There is a war going on right now between globalism and white nationalism. Globalism is the belief that there should be a one-world government, while nationalism believes that every nation should fend for themselves and look out for their own interests. With white nationalism also comes a desire to return to a more traditional way of life, such as was seen in the 1950s, when men were the breadwinners, and the women stayed home and looked after the children. Think of the 1970s show The Waltons, which a lot of people have fond memories of, and love. There is a different sensibility now, with the emphasis being placed on how limited such a nuclear family is.

There are many representatives of both globalism and white nationalism. George Soros is commonly thought to be a globalist. He works hard to spread democracy and make sure that people in other countries enjoy human rights. He believes that we need to coexist peacefully and that all people have inherent dignity and value. He has been a philanthropist for decades, and has contributed many millions of dollars to worthy charitable causes.

On the white nationalist side, we see figures like Richard Spencer, James Allsup and Nicholas J. Fuentes.

The problem with globalism is that it can sometimes be violent, although the justification can be made that war is inevitable sometimes and we can’t look at violence without first looking at the context. The violence could be engendered in terms of self defence.

The problem with white nationalism is far more serious as it carries with it the Nazi mindset. Allsup and Fuentes, however, do regularly mock different groups of people, and Fuentes regularly gives the impression on his podcast that he would be far more offensive if he wasn’t afraid that his Youtube channel would be summarily shut down. And even now, Fuentes regularly refers to the transgender community as degenerates.

What do I mean by the Nazi mindset? It divides the world into two groups, an ingroup and an outgroup. ISIS is an example of a group with the Nazi mindset, because it divides people into those who believe the things they do, and disbelievers, who should be killed or forced to pay jizya, basically money which allows them to be protected in return for enjoying the same privileges as Muslims do in the same area.

Earlier, I said that we can’t just condemn violence without looking at the context. Although I decry ISIS’s violence, an honest person has to admit that they have a point when they accuse America of being imperialist and killing many millions of innocent Yemeni children, for example. However, ultimately, ISIS can’t be defended because of the horrific nature of their crimes, and also because their most harmed victims are the Shia Muslims, the pure sect who actually honours the Prophet Mohammed’s cousin and son in law, Ali, as the first caliph, as Mohammed had intended.

White nationalism is a zero sum game. It is all well and good for people to love The Waltons, but what if it were a black family? Nazis would not accept this. They hate anyone who is different, whether they are overweight (especially if female), differently abled, a member of the LGBTQ2 community, etc.

The problem with each country putting itself first, like America First, is that the world constantly exists in terms of tension and fighting. Wouldn’t it be better to have a one-world government, where everyone gets along and works together for a common cause?

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  1. Arcticstormer

    So, whites just have to deal with ever increasing violent crime? Why? Why can’t whites that want to live separate do that? I don’t hate other races, I just don’t want to experience their negative effects on my society. It is an irrefutable fact that high white percentage societies have less crime than societies with minority percentage white. Or are you unaware of that? You say you look at both sides of an argument fairly, but you do not. But, keep trying, I guess. I want a better future for ME and MY children. Other peoples preferences I care not for, especially when they come at the expense of ME and MY children.

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