Government shutdown and the Illuminati

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The government shutdown is inconvenient for some, but tragic for all. The Federal Reserve ‘Bank,’ is at the heart of the matter. This central bank is a tool of the Illuminati and has been caught in a major lie. It has been saying for the past year that the American economy has been in healthy shape, but the fact that it is still calling for a stimulus plan is showing very clearly that it is a myth that the American economy is actually on the upswing.


The government does not actually completely shut down until October 17, and that is where the real pain will begin to be felt. Not by the elite, of course, but by the average person. The Illuminati wants to create a situation where the average person possesses as little power as possible. There is no way that Obama, an Illuminati puppet, will be able to fund Obamacare for the duration of the plan. Universal healthcare is out of the question for a country that is in reality struggling financially.


It is in the Federal Reserve’s (and the Illuminati’s) interest to pretend that the American economy is doing well, because then Obama looks good. It is important for Obama to look good (and the American media on the whole will always make him look good because they are also Illuminati puppets), because he favours the New World Order, where national (especially American) boundaries mean absolutely nothing.


The United States, every day that it becomes poorer, is increasingly at the mercy of Asia, and especially China, to whom America owns trillions of dollars in debt. The government shutdown, and the accompanying financial consequences of such a nightmare, could lead to the worst financial crisis in the history of the United States, and indeed the world.


It is my belief that the worse things get worldwide, the more people will wake up to the fact that the Illuminati really is running things for their own elite benefit. And the power of the people is more of a myth now that it has ever been in history. Occupy Wall Street began with a lot of promise, but after all is said and done, what, in actuality, changed for the benefit of the average person? Nothing!a



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