Natural Aristocrat Weekly, Issue 1

Natural Aristocrat Weekly

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Issue 1: September 4, 2015

A natural aristocrat is someone who was not born rich, but obtains riches of character through merit. 


Peer Gynt, an Ibsen play, asked the important question, “Where was I, as myself, the whole man, the real man?”


Education: Tips for Students

We should write like we talk. It will make it easier for readers to understand what we are trying to say. And if we can communicate our opinions clearly, we are more likely to have our opinion taken seriously.



Political parties have done a lot of damage to our society. Some people blame conservatives for everything. Some blame liberals. But this divides and conquers us, which is what the global elite wants.



Focus on the people in your life who say positive things. But don’t just dismiss negative feedback. If their motivation is sincere, they could be giving us good advice. We shouldn’t just be proud of ourselves for going our own way. We’re none of us perfect, so if someone warns us about bad behaviour, we should honestly consider it, examine it, and see if it’s relevant to us. If it is, we should try to do better. If it’s not, we should feel free to move on.



God talks to everyone. He does not care what colour we are. Or which sexual orientation. Or which gender. Or which religion. He even loves those who do not believe in Him.


What they don’t teach in school

Are conspiracy theories valid? Many people feel like the global elite follows this formula: Problem—Reaction—Solution. Example: Divide black and white people through incidents like police-related shootings in places like Ferguson, Missouri. Have the races fight each other, so the global elite maintains the status quo. There is power in numbers, but if groups fight with each other, distracted individuals exercise less power.


America: Hero or villain?

Many people think the US is a democracy. But it’s a constitutional republic, because the Founding Fathers were afraid that the majority in a democracy could be tyrants against the minority. But is America a tyrant when it acts as the world’s policeman? Or is it the justified global leader?



There are circumstances where we need big pharmaceutical companies and the benefits of the drugs they offer. If we have a broken ankle, no natural remedy is going to take care of that. But we should also realize they are in a business, for profit. But turmeric, for example, is known as Nature’s ibuprofen. No chemicals added!

Saying of the Week:The smartest people aren’t the ones who read the most books correctly, but the ones who read the most people correctly.

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