Amphiist 84: A defence of the Wall Street Journal: The controversy over St Jude, The Ralph Retort, and the Wall Street Journal

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Amphiist (84):The controversy over St JudeA 

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November 1, 2018                                   Today in the…

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A few issues back in the Amphiist, I discussed the $27,000 that was raised by The Ralph Retort’s Healstream, hosted by Ethan Ralph, for St Jude. My position was that St Jude should accept the money even though much of the content on this YouTube stream is questionable, to say the least. I always think it is good to give credit where it is due, but based on today’s circumstances, I have changed my mind.


I am not making any accusations, as that would be unfair and does not represent the Amphiistapproach. But what has unfolded today has caused me great concern. Here’s the story: An hour or so ago, on Twitter, people began seeing that St. Jude, the Memphis, Tennessee charity for kids with cancer, started refunding donors the money they had donated to Ethan Ralph’s Healstream that happened about a month ago. Although no one has made a public statement, there are several assumptions that have been made. Donors’ donations may have been cancelled because St Jude does not wish to be associated with the far-right content that is regularly disseminated on the YouTube show, The Ralph Retort. We don’t know yet if any of these assumptions are valid. Over the weekend, we will probably know a lot more.


There is a lot going on in the online world which has real-life consequences and if people do not have time to follow everything that is happening, or don’t even know where to start, they should follow this newsletter, Amphiist. Midterm elections are coming up in the US, which is why all of this is occurring. The WSJ is planning to do a story on The Ralph Retort, and that is a potential connection between WSJ and St. Jude.


And this is why all of this is so concerning. There is a hashtag going around on Twitter that talks about how WSJ is killing kids with cancer because they returned the $27,000 in donations. My final point is that individual donors can still donate directly to St. Jude. There is absolutely no need for this hysteria. It could very well lead to violence being perpetrated against the Wall Street Journal. This is another example in a long line of how alt-righters are inciting violence using hate speech, hate hashtags, etc. These YouTubers are behaving with incredible irresponsibility. I will assume that people like Ethan Ralph and Andy Warski will feel awful if anything violent happens as a result of their misplaced hysteria.

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  1. Bold L. Fox

    “This is another example in a long line of how alt-righters are inciting violence using hate speech, hate hashtags, etc”

    That’s how people speak when they can’t see BOTH sides of issues. Stop living a lie and embrace your leftist roots. You are a fraud.

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