Amphiist 83: Halloween: God and Lucifer

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Amphiist (83): Halloween, God and Lucifer

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November 1, 2018                                   Today in the…

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Many people have a problem with the celebration of Halloween because they believe if people celebrate it, they are worshipping the devil or at least a pagan culture. Others ask what the big deal is, let kids dress up as their favourite superhero. Let’s analyze this extremely controversial issue in more depth than is usual.

Religion is a fascinating issue, as is politics. Over the past couple of years, especially with the arrival of the Trump administration, there has been a lot of increased attention on how the average citizen has been duped in the West. We have believed in news stories that were later proved to be false.

I have heard some people say this applies to religion, too. They say that Christianity, for example, is for dupes, for people who need an excuse to be a good person. They say that the supernatural event of Christ’s atonement does not make sense, and that people are foolish to believe it. They state that human beings should empower themselves and do what they want, regardless of what some imaginary guy in the sky thinks about a situation. Others feel revulsion and distaste when people speak of God with such irreverence. He is their best friend, and so they hate it when He is insulted.

Some feel that religion limits people, rather than frees them, and we all fundamentally want as much freedom as possible. Many have said that Jesus or God was not there for them when they needed him most. Since God exacts a lot from people, and expects a ton of obeying, it seems strange that if someone belongs to a Christian church, that he does not reward them for their faith and make sure they know he hasn’t abandoned them. Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, while Muslims love Jesus, but do not believe in his divinity. They accept him as a Prophet, however, and love his teachings on morality.

There are some people who enjoy religion and feel like they have a personal relationship with God. I know many Shia Muslims who love being religious and they treasure their role in Islam. And although there is a debate over whether or not Luciferianism is a religion, many people who worship the devil also say they enjoy their religion. Many feel that we have been duped about Lucifer, that he actually is the being who represents good, rather than God and/or Jesus. However, there is not proof of this any more than there is proof that God himself exists. Others wonder if Lucifer could be trusted to keep his part of any deal he makes with someone, while others feel as though no precise deal needs to be made. There’s also confusion about what or who is meant by Lucifer, and what or who is meant by Satan.

There are many fascinating views on religion, not the least of which is the idea that neither God nor Lucifer actually exists in the first place. Such people believe in humanism, and that we are our own gods, responsible for our own welfare, and that is a sign of great weakness to have to believe in the power of a higher being in order to be happy.

No one knows the real, true answers to these philosophical questions, so I think that, regardless of what someone believes, we should honour their viewpoint.


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