Amphiist 82: Men and women

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Amphiist (82): Men and women

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October 5, 2018                                   Today in the…

Natural Aristocrat, Emotionally Intelligent, Woke, Self-Actualized

Mainstream media perspective

The traditional newspapers views men as representing toxic masculinity. They champion beta males over alpha males. If they could get rid of white men, especially, they would do so in a heartbeat. They simultaneously put women on a pedestal. They celebrate extreme feminism, going far beyond the traditional feminism of a woman being free to realize her individual potential and acting like men are women’s enemies, and that women are men’s enemies. (Turn over)




The Other Side

The Amphiist, on the other hand, thinks that both men and women have a lot to contribute to society. Men, women (and all of the other genders as well, but in this issue, due to lack of space, the focus is just on men and women). Women can learn many lessons from men. Men tend to be more easygoing than women. They are more helpful. I read a study which stated that contrary to popular belief, men are extremely sensitive. Little boys, when viewing heartbreaking scenarios, often get up and leave. It’s not because they lack empathy; it’s because they are too upset to witness them.

Women also have a lot to offer. Women have an understanding of human nature that is unparalleled. They understand social dynamics, and because of this, they hold immense social power. Women are able to do and say a lot of things that men can’t, partly because of women’s skills in communicating (and partly because of how society dehumanizes men, which robs them of social power).

Right now, the strengths women possess seem to be more highly valued than the ones men have. But that doesn’t mean both genders don’t have a lot to contribute.

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