Amphiist 81: The greatest danger of today

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Amphiist (81): The greatest danger in the world today

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October 4, 2018                                  Today in the…

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Mainstream media perspective

The traditional press believes that the greatest danger we face is terrorism. Or, perhaps, they would say it’s Donald Trump. Or maybe they think it’s Christian conservatives. It depends on what’s happened that day, I guess. But there’s a far greater danger that they never seem to discuss.


The Other Side

That danger is extremism. Amphiistis all about taking a nuanced approach to the issues which have plagued humankind since the beginning of time. Extremism is dangerous because in the following too examples, it creates bigots against alternative sexual lifestyles, and it divides people into political parties, rather than focuses on principles.

One extreme says homosexuals should be thrown off the top of high buildings as a result of punishment for their ‘sin.’ The other extreme says we should tolerate absolutely everything and that it’s normal for 7 year olds to be twerking in a gay pride parade. The Amphiist approach says to honour the LGBTQ2 community and parents of such children should help them build their identity with a sense of pride for who they are, but to not let kids grow up before their time by exposing them to sexual situations in a public parade.

Another extreme says if a woman reports a sexual assault after 35 years that she should be believed, and that the man is innocent until proven guilty. The other extreme posits that a man has a right to force himself on a woman if she is ‘asking for it’ by dressing in a way he perceives as sexual. The Amphiist approach suggests that we should believe a woman, and then investigate in a fair and impartial manner to see if this particular man is indeed guilty of a crime.

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