Is Barack Obama racist?

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According to a Political Action Committee (PAC) ad, Obama is indeed racist against white people, as his some of his administration, such as Eric Holder. The ad points out that it is racist to accuse white people of being racist just because they do not like Obama or criticize him for his policies. The ad also discusses how charges against the New Black Panthers were dropped before the case went to trial. According to Holder, this is because the group has done a lot for “his people.”


In Obama’s memoirs, he wrote about his grandmother’s racism, describing her as a “typical white person.” He says his grandmother’s racism made him cringe; however, the web ad points out, he did not cringe at all at Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s racist rants from the pulpit.


The Huffington Post also ran an article that condemns Obama for his racism. They ask the question, “What would happen if Hillary Clinton referred to a typical black person?” (


What do you think, is Obama racist against white people? 

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