Amphiist 80: The Ralph Retort raises $26,000 for St. Jude

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Amphiist: Someone who sees BOTH sides of issues

Believes in reaching their full potential

And allows others to do the same

Amphiist: Civil rights advocate

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Amphiist: Emotionally intelligent, naturally aristocratic, self-actualized

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Amphiist (80): The Ralph Retort/St. Jude

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September 30, 2018                             Today in the…

Natural Aristocrat, Emotionally Intelligent, Woke, Self-Actualized

Mainstream media perspective

The traditional press views the alt right and anyone who remotely sympathizes with them as a monolithic mass. They are all evil people with no redeeming values. They are a danger to society, should be distrusted, and actually should be feared. If they gain political power, Western society is doomed.


The Other Side

No individual is wholly wrong. Human beings are a mixture of good and evil. Ethan Ralph, founder and host of The Ralph Retort has some faults which are discernible if one listens to his streams, as I sometimes do. But he just raised $26,000 for children with cancer. All donations from his Healstream are going to St Jude in Memphis, Tennessee.

Zidan Lianciel and a bloke who goes by the name of Gator Gamer (he is anonymous) are Mr. Ralph’s cohosts. Mr. Lianciel does a lot of the research for the show, books the guests, etc. Gator Gamer has a soundboard where he plays funny excerpts for the stream’s thousands of listeners (they are not always serious, these guys). The three men all have controversial and often offensive views on the topics of the day. They are good to listen to (if you can handle it) if you want to know what the ‘deplorables’ are thinking. Their YouTube channel is called Killstream.

Mr. Ralph has a wife from Pakistan, so isn’t an alt righter or white supremacist. But do you think the children who might be cured because of the money raised by The Ralph Retort care about the personal views of these men? $26,000 is a lot of money, and these guys (and their chatroom members who donated) deserve our respect for this undertaking. яндекс

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