Illuminati and New World Order: martial law

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In World War I, the concept of total war was created. All resources in a state were used toward victory; nothing else was important, and all rights were subverted in the interests of the state. In “The Illuminati’s October Surprise,” uploaded by TruthShockTv, a reference to total war is made at the beginning of the video. It says that that is what the world is headed for.


In the Boston bombings attack, the police officers had the same uniform as those worn in Iraq, except they were blue. A domestic army is being built because the government is afraid of its own citizens. The military is accordingly being shrunk.


The New World Order government will be modelled worldwide on the government that used to exist in Soviet Russia. It occurred to me when the speaker was talking about how people would not be able to choose jobs, etc., I was reminded that in the Middle East Muslim world, students receive scholarships from their government in order to attend universities in the United States and Canada. They are told which school to go to, which person to marry, and which major to take. There are ways around it, however. If they don’t want to marry the person they have had chosen for them, they can refuse, but at the same time arranged marriages are arranged all the time. And they can transfer schools but only once. So there are already similarities between this way of life and what is going to happen supposedly under the New World Order.


According to the video, martial law will be introduced in order to control the rebellious crowds that arise because of the panic engendered by the financial crisis that is coming that will be so much worse than what happened under the Great Depression. The Illuminati is using musicians like Lil Wayne to prepare the world for what is going to happen, and that is why so many of the videos we see these days are exactly the same.


An antiChrist will come and solve the world’s financial and war-related problems for 3 and a half years. He will reign for 7 years. All of this sounds possible but I keep wondering why it hasn’t happened yet. They talk about the mark of the beast, which was also discussed in the King James version of the Bible in the book Revelation. For thousands of years people have been discussing this but why hasn’t it happened? I’m definitely not saying it won’t; I’m just throwing it out there: why is now the special time when all of these prophecies and predictions will bear fruition?


In Lil Wayne’s video he teaches that suicide is a great way to rid yourself of the world’s problems and potential problems, but this is foolishness as the video I’m summarizing says. No one can judge what happens when someone commits suicide, but it is certainly not a foregone conclusion that you are going to a better place. And it might just be a far worse place because you have taken the greatest gift away from yourself that God has bestowed upon you, the precious gift of life.



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