DC Navy shipyard shooting: hoax? false flag? complete with crisis actors?

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Is the DC Navy Shooting a complete hoax? Is it a false flag? According to the Conspiracy Research website, the reason this navy shipyard shooting occurred is because Barack Obama wants to distract the American public. The reason the Navy was chosen is because that’s the stakeholder or group that is going to attack Syria. The television channel NBC has done a lot of stories on the shipyard shooting and they have focused on a lone gunman, a phenomenon which this website states is common to false flag incidents, like what happened with Sandy Hook and others. This goes all the way back to events like the tragic shooting of John F. Kennedy, who was killed, according to my own research, because of what he knew (and what he refused to do with the Illuminati…if you would like to know more about that particular subject, check out https://jaclynhollandstrauss.com/why-was-president-john-f-kennedy-assassinated-the-illuminati/, where I explain on my website about how Kennedy signed an executive order saying that the Federal Reserve would no longer be able to charge interest (Executive Order 11110) and so therefore the Illuminati had to kill him. This news needs to get out so that people know the specific details around Kennedy’s assassination).


The website I’m summarizing now is saying that it is only crisis actors who ever say anyone was shot at one of these false flag events. Crisis actors range (according to conspiracy theorists in general) from Robbie Parker, a father of a deceased girl who died in Newtown, to Nick Vogt and Dawn Hochstrung, to name two associated with the Boston bombings. I accept many things about the Illuminati, especially within an economic context, but I am not sure about the issue of crisis actors. I encourage everyone to read as much possible on this subject and draw your own conclusions. Unlike the mainstream media, I really am fair and balanced! 🙂


This site says that there are some common themes which can help alert us to the possibility of a scam or hoax (false flag event). For example, people standing around, blood pacs, but no paramedics or other medical professionals around the victim, which they cite as suspicious. Of course, it is possible that paramedics haven’t arrived on the scene yet when the relevant images are taken; however, at some point, paramedics and other professionals would arrive, so if it is true that these pictures do not exist, then that does seem weird.


When Robbie Parker was interviewed about what happened in Newtown, many criticized him for smiling and joking with the Press before the cameras started rolling (or more accurately, before he realized the cameras were rolling). This website makes a similar point about the Navy shipyard shooting, citing as an example the fact that a television interview was conducted where two men are laughing about the tragedy. However, when I clicked on the two images presented, they were passive. I assumed they were part of a video that I was going to be able to watch for myself, but unfortunately it did not offer me that capability.


Source: http://conspiracyresearch.blogspot.ca/2013/09/dc-navy-shipyard-shooting-is-hoax.html

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